New Series: Clueless – Teaser

​Hi guys,

As promised, here is the teaser for my new piece titled  “CLUELESS”.  It shall air weekly on Mondays at noon starting from the 18th of July, 2016. I am sure you’d not wanna miss out. 



Sharon woke up on her new year feeling a little less clueless than the last one. It was not as though she had everything all figured out this year…the truth is, she never had anything figured out and that did make her quite the ‘most-clueless-25-year-old-of-the-year’. She slipped into her slippers that always sat pretty by her bedside; that was one thing she could always rely on to be there for her. She took in the calm breeze that sieved into the room through the window and smiled. It was going to be a good day. She could feel it in her bones. It was a new year for her and it was going to be the start of new things in her life; this she knew…or better still, she hoped for.

“Happy birthday, Princess!” Her Mother and Grandmother chorused in unison as they flung the bedroom door open.

She smiled at the loveliest women she had known all her life; she had indeed met many women and if she were to choose the women who would play a role in her life again, it would be her mother and her grandmother. Her Grandmother practically raised her from when she was five. Her parents were diplomats who worked for the Government in different countries as ambassadors; so she barely knew them. On her twentieth birthday, her mother had resigned to spend ‘some time with family’. Such good timing. Her father on the other hand had taken up another job which took him farther away than when he was a diplomat. Technically, her grandmother was the only parent she knew. Still, she loved her mother. She was a workaholic whose success inspired her. This was not because of the wealth she had amassed down the years but because she found fulfilment in what she did. But who wouldn’t find fulfilment in travelling the world in a private jet?

Sharon was searching for fulfilment. She was not sure it was in her Architecture Degree and it definitely wasn’t in sleeping and waking up in her parents’ Asokoro mansion until she found someone to marry and whisk her away from that life. She had decided to do something different that year and when her father made the ‘King Herod mistake’ of telling her to ask for anything she wanted for her 25th birthday, she played the prodigal son’s script and requested to leave home and start her life elsewhere. Today was the day she had waited for, she was going to start her life all over…in Lagos.


54 thoughts on “New Series: Clueless – Teaser

  1. Once again I am not disappointed. A new dawn a new you. God is on your side. Can’t ask for a better you.
    The sky is your beginning my love. Ride on.


  2. always captivating us with your blog series. Certainly can’t wait for the first episode on Monday with this amazing teaser I see…what more can I say, Keep it up dear! greater heights await you. *hugs,*


  3. Seems Sharon is up to some wanderlust or thrill seeking.Alienated Parenting leading possibly to a half-baked upbringing and now she wants to leave for Lagos? With maybe her lover? Oh! Monday had better speed up its journey.Great work,miss Tomi.


  4. My Tomi. I don’t know if I can be a good critic. I think the friendship blurs my perspective, everything you write is pleasing to my eyes. LOL. I’m so following this from start to finish!!!!
    Well done!


  5. Choi! My tomi o, always killing it.👏👏👏 . . Have missed reading your piece. . . Counting down to 18th


  6. Yas!! Aunty Tomi is back.
    You know I love you.
    Looking forward to another awesome experience on this island. God bless your imaginations ma.


  7. This teaser was an eye opener Tomi, like an Oliver Twist dat we re always asking for more. Nice thought Tomi n I’m very delighted being a fan, kip it up.


  8. Welcome back, dear. I missed you… You had better make Monday’s episode a very long one, else I break out ny military training. No pressure. God bless you, dear.


  9. Welcome back, dear. I missed you… You had better make Monday’s episode a very long one, else I’ll break out ny military training. No pressure. God bless you, dear.


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