Hi everyone,

Are you a writer seeking an avenue to air your works and build an audience for yourself and your blog? You can send your flash fictions and short works to me at for posting on my blog.

Don’t forget to include your twitter username and blog address too. Cheers!!!

Obim by @ajokesapart

Olivia by @morountosweet

 ‘Barrister, this is Nigeria’ by @omoyayinka

 The Most Handsome Reward by @CollinsOgo

Mute Muse by @richardomolek

Two Sides of a Dish by @deTONEnate

The Fabulous Five by @saahrafunkie

“When The Sun Refused To Rise” by Adediwura

“Impossible-in-Law” by @seunodukoya

Blank Thoughts by @stanley_arinze

“Lost and Trapped” by @adexinspy

“Hell” by @therealadelero

 “Familiar Strangers” by @IamTimayin








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