Characters, Stories and Scripts with Tomi Adesina

Before the film, comes the script. In the script, the characters are formed, a story is told.
Renowned film-maker, Alfred Hitchcock once said, “To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script, and the script.”
A movie is only as good as the script. Take that in. That’s how important a writer is.
So, are you interested in starting out your career?
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Tomi Adesina

Do you want to be a Screenwriter?

Hi Friends,

Ever thought about writing for TV? But you don’t know where to start from?

I’ll be teaching a physical screenwriting class on the 23rd and 24th of this month, March, in Lagos Nigeria. You can register for it by clicking this link –

If you’d rather attend the online class because of time schedule or if you think beholding my awesome face would be too much to take in at onceand I really understand; I can’t even keep up sometimes – Please choose the Online option when you click this link – It is on the 6th and 13th of April.

Now, just in case this isn’t for you…I’m sure you know someone who’s really interested in learning about writing for TV – Just send this link ( their way so it’s not just sitting in your inbox. Imagine being the one who stopped someone else from glamming up at AMVCA’s red carpet (Nah, don’t do that.)


I look forward to meeting you.


Tomi Adesina

Half a Love Letter!

I’m writing this love note to you on this beautiful day because there is a beautiful feeling in my heart that you might need another stream of income. 🥰 🎉🎉🎉

I’m a lovely person, admit it. 😘😘😘

So, here’s an open call for anyone interested in learning screenwriting…all you need to do is fill this quick survey ASAP;

It’ll help us know how to make progress.

P.S: The class is next month (March) in Lagos.


Tomi Adesina

Love Letter 1 – The 14th Day in February.


Photo by Farica Yang on Unsplash

There was something George told me last February – he mentioned something about loving me intentionally. The word sounded brilliant timely. I had told myself that I was going to be intentional about 2018, so imagine my joy when the LOML (as you guys now put it – I wonder what happened to writing in full) said he’d be doing the same.

(All the marital boxes ticked in my head)

As expected, I looked forward to the 14th day in February.  I’d be damned if my flatmates, Ife and Joan got better gifts…their boyfriends Val’s Day boyfriends had only started dating them for a month, (Yes, those ladies change boyfriends every year – I’m nothing like them anyway; I called them flatmates not friends…) so I didn’t expect them to receive anything other than boxes of chocolate, the customary giant teddy bear and a bottle of wine.

As day broke on the 14th of February, 2018…a musician was playing ‘I’ll never leave you’ by Kenny G outside my window. Before you could say Jack Robinson, I was outside humming along to the tune with my eyes shut of course…the vision was simple, George would come out from somewhere and cover my already shut eyes with his hands and then whisper something nice into my ear before going on one knee and asking me to do forever with him. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THIS IS HOW YOUR BOYFRIEND LOVES YOU INTENTIONALLY! Hahahahaha we too dey act film for our head.

Needless to say, I could feel this hand take mine from the back…I started saying Yes to the question I had not been asked. You guys should have seen me brimming from ear to ear and thinking of swirling in his direction until the husky voice went, ‘Can you please step aside? I need Joan to stand in this spot’ – That was the first ‘ela’ for the day, but an optimistic woman like me won’t be deterred. My Val’s Day was going to be special. I returned into the house and allowed the one-month old lovers have the moment. (I’m sorry, I had to shamelessly rub that in…I am petty and I know it.)

Upon my arrival at the office, there was a bouquet of flower waiting on my desk. FINALLY! I legit shouted. I was about to start doing a victory dance when George called that he’d be working late…and to make matters worse, he confirmed that no bouquet of flower had mistakenly found its way to my office. “But babe you don’t like flowers…” He protested from the other end of the line.

He wasn’t wrong, but didn’t he understand that this day was about bragging rights?! I was losing the battle on the home front with my flatmates and things were not looking better at work. Everyone was getting something – from cakes to chocolates, bracelets, necklaces, wristwatches, ‘singlets and briefs’, ‘handkerchiefs’ (delete any spouse who gives you this), wines and a car! A colleague of mine got a car! (But I’d like to quickly add at this point that my conceited boss is looking for a clever way to tax us for parking at work…she got this in a light bulb moment after seeing her staff receive a car – keep your good things away from bad people.)

My busy TV presenter of a boyfriend would eventually show up around eight pm to pick me from work (nothing ‘intentional’ about his timing as all my colleagues had gone home and there was no one to ‘ooohhhh and aaahhhh’ for us) Smh.

We arrived at his apartment and it was nothing like the place I visited three days ago. You know those candle-lit something that guys do to impress women, well…he did this and more…I’m like ahan…George, ‘you is a romantic somebody oh’. He wears this smug smile that says ‘I do this every other day’…(but of course, not for another woman because then we are going to have a problem). In no time, he is leading me to the dining table and I am wondering if Chef Fregz visited this house because I am seeing dishes I can’t name on the table.

As we sit to eat, he takes my hand….(brethren, I am in the moon right here….it’s happening before my eyes. My village people have lost this battle…or maybe not) and fetches a paper from his pocket. As you were ladies and gents, it’s a letter from George to me. Ugh!


My woman. My best friend. My Guy. I don’t need this day to tell you how much you mean to me. I do this all the time…no, I don’t and that’s silly of me. It’s like having gold before you and not acknowledging that you have gold. That’s silly, right? Or, better yet…It’s like doubting that God loves you. He loves me so much He placed you in my path. I’d love to tell you this every day…and on days that I forget, I know I won’t hear the last of it, so go easy on me. I love you dearly. You are Gold. Sorry I didn’t bring this day to your office or your apartment…I know how much you needed to score this point against those who have gloated in your face in the past years with their gifts…but then, that is not really who my Queen is…your heart can’t take running another person down, this is one of the reasons I am in awe of you. But petty can be cool too…so, we’ll give them something to chew on…that’s if you don’t chew the pseudo silver miniature onion in your side plate for dessert…no baby, it’s not a part of your meal…it’s just me slipping everything I love about you around your finger.

Would you do life with me?

My eyes found the ring in my plate without even trying…baddest detective in the business.

Those things they call butterflies are ‘kinda real’ I must confess…just that they are not creatures in your belly.

They are in the little coy smile you make when you see that someone…they are in the squint in your eyes when you think about how vulnerable this person is with you…they are in the ‘helloooo…’ that you drag coolly when you answer the phone…they are in the little things that pass by unnoticed because they make up your big thing. The big thing that sits with a diamond at its hem beckoning to you to say ‘Yes’ – a yes you’ve said since the day you chose to let this person in…a yes that has been real since this person felt like your safe place…a yes that mattered when you felt that conviction in your spirit that confirmed this place as home. A yes I had said to George before meeting him. 

I’d like to tell you guys that George and I had our dream wedding with fifty guests but when you have African Parents like ours who live for the big African scatter ground stuff…your guess is as good as mine.

George and I have each other and it’s better and bigger than what I felt 14th of February last year should be about…but does that mean I’ll pass on this Red Ribbon adorned Range Rover sitting pretty in the driveway today? By no means! Me no dey dull. 


Love and Light always,

Tomi Adesina


Thanks for reading, I hope to write another letter soon…but, since you are here…a guest series is currently running on the blog, ‘Of Good Destiny’ by Taj Mao – Read Episode 1 here:


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