Guest Post: “Vex and Fallen Trousers”

Hi guys. How's it going? We've got something new and this is titled "Vex and Fallen a Trousers". It's written by Onyinyechukwu Mbeledogu. She blogs at ‘’. You can follow her @bugsberryluv Enjoy! 😊 ********************** ‘That yellow pawpaw guard was so rude 😡😡😡,’ Chika complained as she walked into the auditorium with her best friend. … Continue reading Guest Post: “Vex and Fallen Trousers”


First Book Discussion!

Hi everyone. How have you all been? For those of you who weren't aware, we have been reading The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives by Lola Shoneyin. We'll be discussing the book on our telegram group by 7pm today. You do not want to miss it. And if you're not yet on the telegram … Continue reading First Book Discussion!

2017: Of Tears, Pain, Gratitude and Major Laughs

If there is one thing documenting my life’s experiences in the past years has taught me, it is how to be thankful for every little thing that has given me this one big thing called Life. I am thankful to be alive. The year didn’t exactly start out great for me as a close friend … Continue reading 2017: Of Tears, Pain, Gratitude and Major Laughs

In Search Of Forever – Episode 12

EPISODE 12 The recess session reminded Derin of one of the reasons why she never wanted to practice as a lawyer. She hated waiting. But that was not the major problem she had with law. She just never wanted to be a lawyer like her mother. She loved seeing her mother come home with her … Continue reading In Search Of Forever – Episode 12