2020: He Held It All Together

If you are reading this post, Congratulations! It’s been some year! We’ve all been through a long year and I am grateful to be here today.

Here, spiritually. Here, physically. Here, emotionally, Here, mentally, and almost here, financially (make we no even talk this part hahaha).

I believe we’ve all experienced some form of upset this year (Yo! A pandemic happened!), some in greater measure than others, and I pray that God heals and comforts everyone grieving or going through a really tough time.

There are times we have no words to describe how we feel and it’s okay, because God understands. You can just sit in that place and let him be with you through it. You don’t have to say the right words. I mean, you don’t have to say anything at all. Just allow your heart be held by Him.

If I would sum up my year, it’ll be with a song, ‘You hold it all together’ by Maverick City and Upper room, because of a truth, in my hands, everything falls apart, but God holds it all together.

He held it all together for me this year…as He’s always done.

I am very grateful for the gift of family, friendship and love this year. I have been blessed from all sides and I can’t quantify it.

Guys, 2021 would be amazing. Believe it. Enjoy every day with your family, friends and loved ones. Make Jesus proud. Make Him count. Share the love of the Father. Share the heart of the Father. Be Light in the darkness. Be Hungry for God. He’ll fill you up!

If you need to read something light that’ll rejuvenate your spirit – read: This Christmas

Thank you for being a part of my 2020, see you in 2021.

Have a great year!

God bless you! xx

This Christmas: A very short story

Smile! It’s Christmas!


Merry Christmas!!!!!!

It’s been a year! Literally! (Don’t skip read this message to download the story alone oooo …. I am watching you. Ahem!)

2020 has been that year!

I hope you have been well and in good health. I also hope that your families have been doing well and keeping safe.

I have written this short story for you and I hope you enjoy reading it and are blessed by it.

Hit the download button! Share the link to someone else so they can download it too! And don’t forget to drop a comment and let me know how you’re doing and how the story made you feel.

Thank you so much everyone!

Merry Christmas! God bless you!

2019: Little Things


Be still.

There’ll be sound

It’ll be loud

Be still

There’ll be storms

It’ll be rough

Be still

You have a King

He is the King

He gives you peace

Be still

– Tomi Adesina

Art by: Joseph Adesina


This year, I won’t be writing about each month as I’ve done in previous years – I’ll be writing about how reflecting on my life one night in December humbled me.

I was wondering if a lot had gone my way this year and while I was about drowning in the pit of depression and ingratitude – I was overwhelmed by a flurry of emotions.

I randomly remembered 2017 when someone came all the way from Ibadan to attend one of my book signings, it surprised me because it wasn’t a big event…then I thought about the big event and how people came from different places to share my joy with me – particularly a friend who had come all the way from Delta. I was like ‘Why?’ It’s so far away from Lagos. Why do that for me? Me? Why? 

This year, I had tweets, DMs on Instagram, posts on Facebook and social media in general with people saying things like “I like Tomi” “I love your works” “You write amazingly well” “You make me believe in love again” “Your writing gives me hope” – I have readers tweeting weekly about how the stories make them feel and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude because when my life is on it’s rush, I don’t remember these things, but on nights when I’m listening to Oceans by Hillsong or Letting Go by Steffany Gretzinger – my spirit becomes still and I remember the little things that flood my eyes with tears of joy…the little things like that night in July when God gave me a Scholarship I had been told I was turned down for to remind me that He was and is still in charge of my life – I remember little things like the movie, “Pilgrim’s progress – Animation (2019)” (P.S – This movie is a must watch!!!!) encouraging me on my journey.

Be still…

I remember how God yanked me out of toxic relationships and associations because I wasn’t strong enough to let go, I remember how God gave me fireflies on days when I had hit rock bottom and questioned His love for me…how the little words from my friends remind me of hope, love and peace…how my family reminds me of presence.

I am reminded of how I write gems without trying, how God crafts my words and it makes sense – how the words may not necessarily make sense to me but is needed for someone else and that’s all the healing they need…how the healing of a character in my story can be my own healing…how I screamed and sang ‘Seasons’ by Hillsong in tears, I am reminded about His endless promises.

I am reminded about the Scriptwriting classes I taught and how I gave all I could till I was empty and I had never felt more full because I am strengthened when I pour into others.


I am reminded of life and love and how 2019 was beautiful because of all these things I remembered tonight while writing this.

I am reminded of all these little things that are my big things.

It’s been a great year.

Thank you all for making it special for me.


Love and Light,

Tomi Adesina