1.   Dear Future Husband 

Enter the lives of three young ladies, Kimberly Bankole, Ini Obong, and Tola Matthews as they live through each day and find love in the midst of chaos.

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2.    All Fun And Games 

All Fun And Games is a fiction series which looks into the life of the young dashing and successful CEO, Aisha Bello as she tries hard to secure her inheritance from her father, Alhaji Bello. With help from her closest friend and confidant, Moira, Aisha plots a lie to deceive her dad into believing she’s found the love of her life, Craig, and releasing her inheritance and this starts out perfectly well…until it all becomes real.
Love takes over…

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3. Clandestine:

A story about a young couple who went through a rough patch because of the man’s error and their journey back to healing.
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4. Fola King


This is a legal series about one case that turns into a life-changing situation when Fola bumps Aimaa who later turns out to be the catalyst his case and his life need.

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5. Clueless


Follow Sharon as she seeks to discover herself in the city of Lagos.

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6. Beautiful Stranger


Beautiful Stranger is a fiction series about meeting that one person who opens our eyes to see the radiance and beauty of life.

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49 thoughts on “eBooks

  1. Nice Work… More Grease To Your Elbow And Please Keep Up The Good Works -Great Writing. Please, Could You Help Us With The eBook For The Others? Thanks


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL YOUR WORKS!!! i first saw ‘Dear Future Husband’ on my eBooks app, and i was lazy to read it.. lol. but then i read ‘All Fun and Games’ [p.s. i love craig] and i couldn’t stop reading it! it was amazing, finished it in two nights! as an online teenage writer, i’ve not really a been a fan of Nigerian set books, but yours was completely brilliant. i’m halfway through DFH now [ini is my fave haha] and i’m loving it. you’ve officially become my second favourite [after Chimamanda ofc] Nigerian writer. thank you for being an inspiration! i’d love to read the remaining of your works once they’re on eBook 🙂 keep writing and capturing our hearts! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tomi oooooo. all fun and games isn’t opening on ma phone pls how else can 1 download. I need dis ebook badly. n great work with dat fola king. you are a blessing to ur generation

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Toni,ah really enjoy ur stories.more grace IJN buh pls can u create an ebook for your oda stories… can’t just stop reading ur books


  5. I just downloaded Dear Future Husband and I’m ready to sacrifice my time…..hopefully,it must be worth it and if it actually does,I’m so voting for you as the best literary blogger.would have voted as best writer too but chimamanda has captured my heart….much love.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Tomi dear I can’t download please break my heart and beautiful stranger. ..pls help and I love ur story on dear future husband nd all funs and games it’s interesting I must say


  7. There are so many things about your site that I already love at first glance. The idea of creating a page for each series with each episode serially arranged making navigation so easy, turning completed series into ebooks which I shall proceed to read and give feedback on soon if life doesn’t get in the way, the consistency and determination it must take to keep doing this again and again and again. Kudos! You’ve probably heard it a lot already but you’re doing a great job.


  8. Tomi, you didn’t complete the series “In the Shadows” and there is no eBook for it yet. Please you have some readers who follow that particular series religiously. Please we would be glad if you can oblige our request to complete it. Thank you so much in anticipation.


  9. You are doing a great job, I love your books so much. I just finished reading dear future husband and I would be doing bad if I don’t comment. Nice work


  10. So I read all and I don’t even have the right words to appreciate you
    I love you already
    Hoping forward to more lovely stories am now a big fan 😁


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