Two Weeks To Go – Episode 6


Yvonne’s eyes were set as she sat outside the bathroom. Ade had been in for about an hour and he would not open up. She had seen more trying times, but the last months in the hospitals had been frightening for them. His reaction to the treatment worsened as the weeks passed and he lost more confidence. Chemotherapy ought to end in the next few weeks according to the planned twelve-week cycle but his health’s response wasn’t encouraging. The Doctors had feared a reaction from his immune system might affect progress and this seemed to be the case. Yvonne wasn’t so glad he spent his rest days in the hospital for monitoring but that was the best they could offer him to avoid any health risk. She had almost spent three months frequenting the hospital. At this time, she was already married to Ade in the Press’ eyes and she could care less. They were free to publish whatever gave them more money until she had time to press charges…and that time wasn’t now. All the time she had now was for Ade.
She took a deep breath and tapped on the door. “Ade…”
No response. The tap was still running.
She sighed. She was not disappointed. It wasn’t as though she had expected a response from him. But she had expected a fight from him. She wanted him to show up for her in these desperate days. “Ade…it gets difficult to be alone in this, you know?” she started. She took a deep breath and drew closer to the door that separated them. “I never thought I’d have to face this alone…you didn’t make it seem that way.” She added. “And I know you didn’t ask for any of these, but here we are, Ade…how do I make it through these days if you are not willing to fight?” she asked.
She tapped on the door again. “Ade… do you want something to eat?” she asked. She then managed a smile. “Of course, you don’t.”
She exhaled as she leaned against the door. “It gets lonely, Ade. I don’t want to do this alone.” She continued.
“Is he still in there?” Tunji asked, joining her.
Yvonne nodded. “He is. He won’t open up nor let me in.”
Tunji stared at her. “Why don’t we go out?”
“And leave him alone?” she asked.
Tunji nodded. “He needs it. Maybe some alone time is what he needs. We should give him that.”
“I don’t know about that.” She replied, undecided.
He smiled. “There is this café a couple of blocks away. Let’s get something to eat. You look like you could use some food.”
She nodded. “Alright. Let’s go.”
Yvonne tapped on the bathroom door. “I’ll get you a sandwich, Ade. How would you like it?”
“Ade, how would you like your sandwich? Club or Double-decker?” Tunji echoed.
Yvonne. “Do you think we should break the door down?”
Tunji shook his head. “I think we should leave him alone. He is throwing tantrums.”
Yvonne took a deep breath and stepped out with Tunji.
Ade turned off the tap. He exhaled as he worried about his health’s situation again. The tiredness and pain that accompanied his session had left him numb. He paused to listen for noise but he couldn’t hear any sound. He then returned into the bedroom.
“Thought you were going to stay in there forever.” Doctor Jones said.
Ade sighed as he took his seat. “Forever is a long time…and I am not even sure I have that luxury.” He added, slipping underneath the blanket.
Doctor Jones adjusted the blanket. “Be positive, Ade…you have done a good job so far, you can’t afford to start giving up now.”
Ade relaxed in his bed. “The side effects of this treatment are really getting to me and I…I don’t want it to come in between Yvonne and I.”
“Only you can decide that.”
Ade stared at him. “Dad, please be honest with me…do I really stand a chance of making it through this phase? I feel weaker with every passing day and I tend to forget stuff and I feel so much pain in my bones, my stomach-”
“Ade, I know how you feel.”
Ade stared at him with a faint smile “Do you by any chance have Cancer?”
Doctor Jones sighs. “I don’t need to have it to feel probably worse than you do…but then, this is not a contest on who goes through more pain and I won’t be drawn into that argument, but I need to talk to you about how you feel”. He replied.
Ade scowled. “Don’t waste your time on me…I am already dead. No man should go through so much pain.”
“Ade, we are making progress, but-”
Ade cut in. “But you are not sure of the end result, right?” Ade asked and then laughed. “I should have just gone with ease. You had to complicate everything…at this rate of forgetting important things, I hope I don’t forget Yvonne’s name.” he said and then managed a laugh. “That would be some sight. What’s your name…Yvonne? Horn? Ah…that moment.” He said, chuckling.
“You make it difficult for anyone to sympathize with you.” A clearly upset Doctor Jones started. “One minute you are up, the next…you are down.” He said, standing up. “Can you just stop it?”
Ade nodded. “I know how you feel.”
“No, you don’t. You think you are the only one hurting? You think it is easier for us? It’s not. It’s never as it seems.” Doctor Jones replied.
Ade smiled. “Tunji took her to get something to eat. He sure is having it easy.”
Doctor Jones exhaled, taking his seat. “Yvonne…Yvonne is a very good woman. I don’t even know how you got lucky to have her.”
“Do I? I have been holed up in here like a rabbit and unable to do anything with her. I can’t take her out. I can’t make her feel special. I can’t watch her eat across a table and marvel at how lucky I am to be with her? I…I can’t go back to where we first met. I can’t do many things with her…I have been here for months. She comes in here every day…sleeps here some nights and…it is ridiculous. It is unfair on her and bad of me to keep her. I don’t want her anymore. She has to go.” Ade said and forced back the tears welling in his eyes.
“Is that why you have been pushing her away? Mood swings? Up and down behaviour?” His father asked.
Ade looked away.
“Ade…that is not enough reason for Yvonne to leave you.” He said.
Ade turned to him. “It’s not?”
“It’s never hard to know those who won’t say goodbye. She’s signed up for this ride and whether you like it or not, Yvonne will stick through till the end.”
Ade swallowed. “She deserves better.”
“And you think you are not good enough?” Doctor Jones asked.
Ade grabbed his mirror and screamed. “Am I? No hair! No eyebrows. I…I look ridiculous! I can’t even make her proud. She won’t even want to take a picture with me!”
Doctor Jones smiled and then burst into an awkward laugh.
“It’s funny, right? I know.” Ade said, calming down.
His father smiled. “You are pretty shallow, Son.”
“You are not the one who looks like a freak.”
Doctor Jones chuckled. “Yvonne is in love with you, Ade. She loves you and that is enough.”
Ade took a deep breath. “Can I get an opportunity to leave the hospital for a day? Just to be with her?” he asked. “Please?”
“I can’t make that decision alone, Ade.” He replied. “I’d have to consult with the other doctors in charge of your case.”
Ade stared at him. “Talk to the others, please. Give me a chance with her. I’ll make it count.”
“You have a rest period in two days.” Doctor Jones said, rising to his feet. “I’ll see what we can do about it.” He said. “No promises.”
Ade smiled faintly. “Thank you so much.”
Doctor Jones made for the exit. “Take care of yourself. I’ll check you up later.” He said and walked out.
He barged into Doctor Musa as soon as he stepped out of the room into the hallway. “Doctor Musa.”
“Doctor Jones.” The other doctor started. “How is he doing?”
Doctor Jones shrugged. “I don’t know really.”
“His progress chart isn’t so encouraging, Doctor Jones. The chemo is erm…it looks like it is working, but I don’t know. We really need to keep a close watch.” He said.
Doctor Jones blinked. “We have a few more cycles to go. It’s almost three months of chemotherapy. What are our chances?”
“Still fifty-fifty.” The other Doctor replied.
Doctor Jones looked away. “I can’t take fifty-fifty. I need some assurance. The pain from the chemo is really affecting Ade and I am scared he might do something stupid.”
“We can only try our best with him and hope for some improvement within these last days of Chemo.” Doctor Musa replied.
Doctor Jones was silent.
“You have done a good job so far. I don’t think you should blame yourself for anything that eventually happens.” Doctor Musa said.
Doctor Jones stared at him. That was not a very positive statement and he knew exactly what that meant. “What are you trying to say to me?”
Doctor Musa took a deep breath. “I think we have the inevitable looming.” He replied.
Doctor Jones swallowed. “But you told me that he could make it.”
“Could. Jones, there is no certainty in ‘could’.” He replied.
Doctor Jones’ heart raced fast. “What if he does make it?”
“Then that would be a miracle for us all here.” Doctor Musa said. “A real one.” He added. “I know you feel pretty bad right now and I wish I could give you some assurance, but I can’t. But, we are going to keep pushing and fighting till the very end. That, I promise you.” He concluded, tapping Doctor Jones’ shoulder.
Doctor Jones stared at him. “He hurts so much from the Chemo. Can I at least give him some Morphine?”
“Doctor Jones!” The other doctor exclaimed. “Don’t lose your head!”
Doctor Jones looked away. He hated himself so much. He had forced Ade into more treatment which might have given him three more months but within the walls of the hospital and now his hopes were about to be dashed. He worried about how he was going to keep the news from Ade.
“We would keep fighting.” Doctor Musa said. “I have to do some rounds.” He added, leaving Doctor Jones in the hallway.
Yvonne pulled up by the creek. “Just look at the leaves settled on the water. Perfecto! Serenity, Tunji. Serenity!”
Tunji stared at her as she stepped out of the car. He then joined her by the creek. “I guess it’s beautiful.”
“Of course, it is.” Yvonne said with a smile as she dug her fingers into the roots of her hair and spread it for some air. “This is beautiful.”
Tunji stared at her for a while before speaking out. “How are you able to do this?”
Yvonne stared at him. “Sorry?”
“Leave it all behind? The life. The status. Celebrity. I mean you are too beautiful, famous and successful to be stuck up in this. Why did you leave it all behind?” he asked.
Yvonne smiled. “I guess that’s what love does to you.” She replied. “I still find myself asking these questions sometimes. Of course, I get no answer to them. But still, I don’t want answers.” She said, taking a seat by the bed of the water. “I have never felt like this before and Ade has changed it all for me. I don’t want my life back. Heck! It wasn’t even a life until I met Ade.”
Tunji was taken aback. “You are kidding, right? Serial award winner? Money-raking endorsements. Babe, you are legendary and you are saying that wasn’t a life? I want your former life!” he added with a soft laugh as he joined her by the water bed.
“It is never always as it seems, Tunji. Trust me, there is a lot beneath that beautiful…I know the glitz and status can entice the normal man but when you are in it, I guess you know better.” She replied.
Tunji took a deep breath. “I guess you have your regrets.”
“I guess so.” She replied.
He nodded. “So, are you ever going back to the big screen?” he asked, handing her a sandwich. “We almost forgot our meal.”
She smiled as she took a bite. “Thank you.” She then stared at him. “I don’t know if I am ever going back. Honestly, I don’t miss it much.” She replied.
“Really? Your friends and fans will miss you.” He said.
She shrugged. “I am just concerned about Ade making it to remission. That’s all that matters right now.” She replied.
“Are you afraid of the worst?” he asked.
She blinked. “I think about it sometimes, but I try not to dwell on it. I want more for Ade. I have got to stay hopeful.” She replied.
He sighed. “I guess so too…”
“Ade is trying to push me away.” She said and wiped the tears that were slowly gathering in her eyes. “He is not going to win though. I am sticking out till the very end.” She said. “Till the end.” She affirmed.
Tunji took a deep breath. “Why do you like the creek?”
  “It’s one of the few places that have provided me with an escape route from myself.” She said. “And on days like this when I think I need to breath, I think this is the right place to be.” She concluded.
Tunji’s phone beeped. “Please, excuse me.” He said tapping on the phone’s screen. It was a message from Ade. He smiled as he read the content and then turned to Yvonne.
“What is it?” she asked.
Tunji shrugged. “Just a daily alert.” He replied.
She nodded. “I think we should get back to Ade.”
“But we only just got here.” Tunji protested. “Besides, he is not in a good mood. We really just need to give him some space to deal with all the happenings around him.” He added.
“You think so?” she asked.
Tunji nodded. “I know so.”
“Okay…so what do we do next?” she asked.
Tunji smiled. “We just sit and wait for night to fall.”
“Sounds like a good idea.” Yvonne replied and swept her hand through the water.
“Good morning.” Yvonne said, pulling back Ade’s curtains.
He stared at her. “You’ve been gone for two days.”
“Yeah…I figured you’d like to be left alone, besides, Tunji was good company.” She replied, taking a seat beside him on the bed.
Ade blinked. “But I missed you.”
“As expected.” She replied, sipping her coffee.
Ade took a deep breath and then sat up. “It’s my rest day.”
“It doesn’t seem like it. We are still holed up in here.” She said, flipping through a magazine. “I can’t wait for Chemo to be over and for you to get into remission.” She said, unexcitedly. “I am tired of this place.”
Ade stared at her. She was unusually cold towards him that morning.
“What do you want for breakfast? Tunji and I will be heading out into town pretty soon.” She said without looking up from the magazine.
Ade panicked. Something was wrong. He knew it. Could his sneaky brother be playing around? He thought. “I am not hungry.” He replied.
Yvonne shrugged. “Your loss. Take care of yourself.” She said and walked out.
Ade rubbed his palms together nervously. He dialled Tunji’s number immediately. NO RESPONSE. He groaned and slid into the bed angrily.
Doctor Jones blinked as he listened to Doctor Musa break his heart.
“Jones, I know how you feel but we have one more cycle to go and we haven’t achieved what I thought we would have at this stage and that is really scary.” He said. “We have to get ready.”
Doctor Jones took a deep breath. “What if we extend the cycle?”
“Jones…you know we can’t.” he replied.
Doctor Jones. “How do you want me to tell my son that we have nothing left for him?”
“I suggest you take him home and let him…you know…let him go in peace.”
Doctor Jones threw his chair back. “After giving him some hope, we are to take it all back?!”
“I am sorry.” He replied.
“This is hard for me…too hard for me.”
Doctor Musa exhaled. “I know how you feel, but you have got to do the right thing and that is to duly inform the patient of the situation on ground.”
“I can’t…” Doctor Jones replied.
“I could do that for you.” Doctor Musa offered.
Doctor Jones shot at him. “Don’t you dare.” He said and walked out. He hurried over to Ade’s room.
Ade was startled as he saw his father’s facial expression. “Dad, what’s going on?”
“It’s your rest day. You are going out!” Doctor Jones announced.
Ade smiled. “Really?”
“Yeah. Let’s get changed before Doctor Musa changes his mind.” Doctor Jones said.
Ade nodded and made for the bathroom, grabbing his phone with him.
Yvonne applied her lip gloss as she waited for Tunji at their proposed location. She had been there for about an hour, but had not seen him. Her phone beeped. CHARLES
“Hey, Charles!”
CHARLES: “Hey, beautiful!”
“Hmmm…beautiful? What do you want this time?” she asked, looking through her side mirror.
CHARLES: “Am I that predictable?”
She smiled. “Just shoot! What do you want?”
CHARLES: “I want to take you out tonight.”
Yvonne laughed. “Seriously?”
CHARLES: “I am good looking, right?”
She nodded. “And pretty shallow too…to think I’d go out with you just because you are semi-good looking is quite shallow, Charles.”
CHARLES: “7pm. The Mall. There is this movie I am dying to see. You might not like this, but it’s your industry rival that’s in it.”
Yvonne smiled. “I’ll see it with you.”
CHARLES: Is it just me or you just want to see if she did poorly?”
“Take it to mean whatever. 7pm. Please, pick me up at my place.” She replied.
CHARLES: “How is err…Ade?”
“Don’t you have his phone number? Call him.” She replied and then laughed. “Thanks a lot, Charles. I’ll see you.
CHARLES: “Bye, dear.”
Yvonne took a deep breath and dialled Tunji. “Hey! You answered? Where are you?” she asked. She then paused to listen. “What do you mean by right behind me?” She looked through her side mirror and watched Tunji approach from a distance. She managed a smile.
Doctor Jones watched Ade fumble with his wardrobe. “Are you sure about this?” he asked.
“Yes. I have never been so sure about anything.” He replied.
His Dad sighed as he joined him at the wardrobe. “Let’s get you the right suit to match.”
Ade touched his scalp. “Do I look good?”
“In a suit, yes, you would.” His father replied.
Ade groaned. “I need to know so I don’t show up like a scarecrow.” He replied. “My eyebrows already freak me out.
“It’s a good thing you still have some beards to compliment you.” The older man replied, handing him a suit. “I like this colour.”
Ade stared at it. “It looks good. I’ll call her now.” He said, picking up his phone. “Hey, Yvonne.”
Ade stared at his Dad. “So, I was thinking, would you erm…come around?”
YVONNE: “I already set a date with Charles.”
Ade nodded, taking his seat. “Charles, unh?”
YVONNE: “I’ll come by later. I have to go now. It’s in thirty minutes. Take care darling.”
Ade dropped the call and dialled again. “Tunji? Where are you?” He paused to listen. “Fine. Hurry up.” He said and hung up.
His father stared at him. “Ready?”
Charles handed Yvonne the tickets. “Thanks for coming out.”
She smiled. “Thank you too.”
Charles stared at her. “You look stunning, by the way.”
Yvonne smiled. “Thank you.”
“Yvonne Laoye!!!”
They turned to a group of girls who hurried over to her. “Autograph, please.”
Charles smiled as he watched Yvonne sign autographs for a long line of girls and then some photo sessions followed. He stepped in and whisked her away before another set of fans could arrive.
“Thank you.” She said, as they stepped into the cinema hall.
“You are welcome.” He replied.
She stared at the empty hall. “Is her movie so bad no one would see it?”
Charles laughed. “I actually booked us this space.”
“Why?” she asked as they took their seats.
He smiled. “For privacy.”
She scoffed. “You are something else.”
“I’ll go get us drinks.” He said and walked out.
Yvonne relaxed as the big screen came on. The adverts started running before the movie. She checked the wristwatch. The lights went off and the screen went dark.
“Hi, Yvonne.”
She sat up and looked around. There was no one in the room…at least, none she could see. But then the voice was loud. It was coming from the speaker.
“I know this is weird and maybe freaky too…but this is me. I love beyond reasons and I am nothing without you…maybe I had a life before you came but I have learned to build my life around you…I might not have much left but without you, I doubt if I’ll have the strength to carry on…”
She wiped the tears that rolled down her eyes as she listened to Ade’s voice.
“So maybe this will go down as the worst proposal in the world…or maybe not…but Yvonne Laoye, would you do me the honour of being my wife? Yvonne, would you marry me?”
The lights came on and Ade was kneeling before her with a ring in his hand.
Yvonne gasped as she thought in a second how Charles, Tunji and Ade had planned her epic moment. She smiled. “Ade…”
He lifted the ring before her. “This is my heart in a box. Would you marry me?”
She nodded with a smile. “Yes, I will.”


59 thoughts on “Two Weeks To Go – Episode 6

  1. Oh My! So touching and pathetic ofcourse! Nice one, Tomi! You’d better make sure Ade doesn’t die o else…..#makesStrongFace


  2. Tomi…watch it o, you’re the one writing this story…the story isn’t writing itself o, you better ensure that Ade doesn’t die!!! else…..issokay….


  3. Whao! This is great..But please,let Ade live so that both of them could enjoy their endless love.keep it up Tomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


  4. Tommy @ it again! Cancer is a bitch! I think we should all live life 2 d fullest instead of putin our hapiness on sum1. TEAM TOMMY.


  5. Don’t come up with “d story is writing itself” theory jor! U need to give Ade a new life ni o.
    Weldone Tomi,U will surely get to your destination.


  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Dis is so emotional. tomi u r making blush. tnk uuuuuuuuu tomi. A big round of applause for u.


  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Dis is so emotional. tomi u r making me blush. tnk uuuuuuuuu tomi. A big round of applause for u.


  8. Hmmmm, in my few years of clinical practice, i hv seen many pple suffering frm cancer being nursed into a peaceful death nd not anyone being able to get healed frm cancer bt also in my few years of existence i hv hrd of miracles happening, I hope Ade will get his own miracle jst bcos of yvonne nd his family members faith,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, waiting for d miracle.


  9. Hmmmm, in my few years of
    clinical practice, i hv seen
    many pple suffering frm
    cancer being nursed into a
    peaceful death nd not anyone
    being able to get healed frm
    cancer bt also in my few
    years of existence i hv hrd of
    miracles happening, I hope
    Ade will get his own miracle
    jst bcos of yvonne nd his
    family members faith,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    waiting for d miracle.


  10. awwwww u need to see me laffing so bad with tears in my eyes and so scared to read the nxt episode pls I hope dis ends well for them


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