Well…It’s almost over here. It’s been a long ride. Let’s make use of the comment box to express out feelings on #PBMH and everything in general. if you are having difficulties commenting, register as Anonymous or use the Name option, it’s easy and quick.

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The Final Episodes would be out by next week Friday. I Know you can’t wait, but just some days away (8.02.2013)

It isn’t over yet. i would keep you updated with the new series which would hit you soon, and also, i would keep you informed on my Novel.

Thank you all for being there!
Tomi Adesina

16 thoughts on “INFORMATION (READ!!!!)

  1. Thank you so much dearie… You always make my day… Nextweek friday is far ooooo looking forward to ur new write up… I love your work. Great work..


  2. Y do I hv a very strong feeling dat jake planned to propose to Darlene from d beginning n Dora is aware. I just started from episode 22 though.


  3. Its an awesome read, I just wished though that the Nigerian police was this upright and not easily bought over by money and our justice system was free n fair, kp it up!


  4. Tommy I just love u I swear. Dnt worry if u dnt get much comments, its bcus most nigerians aint readers. Dey prefer gossips. I just luv Pbmh!!! OMG! Cn I get a copy of the story asin a book. You r duin great for yourslf n God will always be wiv you amen. Cnt wait for d concludin part(s). Cheers


  5. mmm nice work,but the way the story jumps so far into another scene evades reality especially the kidnapping scene.Good work anyways


  6. I've been following dis write up quite some time now, buh I think dis is my first comment. This story is just awesome. Yeah Jake's gonna propose to Darlene and I think d Bahamas trip was to see Dare's mum;yeah! Both men went to see d woman since Sir Williams has a soft spot for Dare's mum.I stand to be corrected anywway,I simply read between d lines.


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