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Copyright Infringement: Blogger, Ms Tomi Adesina Sues IrokoTV

Copyright Infringement: Blogger, Ms Tomi Adesina Sues IrokoTV.
Blogger’s literary work was secretly adapted into a movie and commercially distributed by IrokoTV without her knowledge and consent.

IrokoTV grandstands and refuses to take down the illegal movie.


Nollywood company, IrokoTV has been embroiled in intellectual property infringement. The owner of the intellectual property in question is award-winning writer and blogger, Ms. Tomi Adesina, who was recently nominated for the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) for the movie/TV series, Hakkunde. IrokoTV is one of the biggest producers of Nollywood movies which they distribute/broadcast on their various platforms like Youtube, IrokoTV Mobile App and cable channels on DSTV, GoTV and SkyTV (UK).
According to Ms. Adesina, between 5th June, 2014 and 4th September, 2014, she consistently published a fiction series titled “Beautiful Stranger” on her blog at . In 2015, she published the aforesaid fiction series as an Ebook online at .
Sometime this year, Ms. Adesina received numerous calls from her friends, family and ardent readers of her blog, congratulating her for collaborating with IrokoTV to adapt her 2014 story, “Beautiful Stranger” into a movie called “Swings” and monetising/distributing same on IrokoTV platforms. Ms. Adesina was surprised at the felicitations as she did not adapt her “Beautiful Stranger” story into a movie, and she did not authorize IrokoTV to distribute or monetize same. “I was really taken aback by the calls and congratulations because of course, I did not contract Iroko or anyone at all to adapt this story into a movie and I never gave Iroko the permission to monetize the distribution of the movie,” she says.
Surprised at the information that her literary work had been turned into a movie and monetized without her consent, Ms. Adesina decided to download the IrokoTV app, pay the requested fee and watch the movie. Her discovery after the movie left her perplexed. “It was like a bunch of actors came together, acted my blog series and then, gave it a different title,” she says. “They didn’t even change the names of the major characters or tweak the storyline. This is how shocking the adaptation was. How did I know it was my blog series that was adapted into a movie? First, all the names of major characters in “Beautiful Stranger” are the same as in “Swings”. Second, the settings in “Beautiful Stranger” are the same in “Swings”. Third, the plot/storyline in “Beautiful Stranger” is the same as in “Swings” – from beginning to end. Fourth, even the dialogues in “Beautiful Stranger” are used almost word for word in “Swings””.
Disturbed at this development, Ms. Adesina instructed her lawyers to write to IrokoTV, demanding a retraction/removal of the unauthorized movie adaptation from their platforms. Surprisingly, rather than take down the movie, Irokotv wrote back with the excuse that, they didn’t produce the movie themselves. According to Ms. Adesina, IrokoTV’s excuse is untenable. “I write for the movie industry,” she says. “So I know that IrokoTV’s claim is not true as the movie “Swings” opened with their montage. Movie production companies only put their montage in movies if they produced, co-produced or sponsored/partnered with the movie one way or another. There are many movies on IrokoTV’s different platforms that do not start with their opening montage because IrokoTV did not produce, co-produce or sponsor/partner with the said movies, unlike “Swings”. I took my time to confirm with a number of films on their app. Apart from producing/sponsoring or partnering with the movie, I know that the distribution, publication and/or commercialization of the unauthorized movie adaptation is in itself, an infringement of my copyright.”
The Copyright Act, Cap 28 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, prohibits the unauthorized adaptation of an author’s work and the unauthorized publication or distribution of the said work or the adapted copy. Anybody who does either of the foregoing acts is independently liable for intellectual property infringement.
Ms. Adesina was disappointed in IrokoTV’s stance and refusal to take down the illegal movie, despite the ethical business culture usually portrayed by the company and its staff to the public. “IrokoTv could have simply taken down the movie if they had no hand in it,” she says, “but they chose not to. As at this moment, the movie is still on their app, generating money for them. On their Youtube page, they are directing people to download their app and pay $20 to watch the movie. Iroko are still boldly reaping from my sweat.”
Ms. Adesina was quick to point out that, in IrokoTV’s response letter to her lawyers, they did not deny that:
i. the movie “Swings” is an unauthorized adaptation of her story “Beautiful Stranger”
ii. they distributed the movie to their subscribers without her consent
iii. they charged their subscribers $20 to watch the movie
iv. they published the movie on their YouTube page & app without her consent; and
v. they’re going to show the movie on their cable channels (ROK) on DSTV, GoTV & SkyTV (UK).
“Of all the stories I have ever written, “Beautiful Stranger” is the one that is so dear to me,” Ms. Adesina says. “Anyone close to me can attest that I take stories that revolve around cancer pretty seriously. I suffered physically & emotionally to write that story for 84 days & nights, so it hurts me so much to see a brand like IrokoTV reaping from where it did not sow. And doing so very boldly. This should stop.” She continues, “ the dream of every writer is to adapt their story into a movie one day and show it to the world. It’s like seeing your story come to life before your eyes. I am no different, but IrokoTV has killed this dream as it pertains to “Beautiful Stranger”, a story very close to my heart.”
Ms. Adesina concluded by saying she has instructed her lawyers to commence civil and criminal proceedings against IrokoTV and its directors, pursuant to the Copyright Act, 2004. “The courts are the last hope of the common man and I have decided to take my chance at justice,” she says.
The ordeals of Ms. Adesina are rather unfortunate and they mirror what several relatively unknown writers suffer in the hands of the so-called “big players” in the industry. It is Ms. Adesina’s hope that, her resort to court would serve as a deterrent to others who engage in intellectual property infringement.

Teach A Teen Campaign

On Monday, June 4th 2018, Teens Going for Gold Network, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering and inspiring teenagers to becoming social change agents and financially self-reliant, started the second edition of her Teach a Teen program. The program whose primary objectives are to increase the quality of education and reduce the rates of poverty and unemployment in Nigeria, has two major components – the campaign and the training sessions.TEACHATEEN18-8.jpg

The #TeachATeen campaign advocates for an educational curriculum and system that meets up with the needs, challenges and changes of the 21st century while the training component, with a usual duration of three days, focuses on freely providing opportunities that increase the entrepreneurial, vocational and leadership aptitudes of students in rural secondary schools or other institutions. The ultimate goal pf the campaign is to influence policy makers to make inclusive and quality education a priority in Nigeria.TEACHATEEN18-4.jpg

In 2017, the training program which had 147 beneficiaries in the Nigerian cities of Benin, Ibadan and Lagos, in partnership with participants of the Young African Leaders Initiative RLC West Africa. To learn more about last year’s program click here . IMG-20160305-WA0057.jpg

This year, the campaign will hold throughout the month of June while the training session will follow in the month of July. The training will take place in the Nigerian cities of Benin, Lagos and Ibadan. You can be a part of this program by joining the online campaign, volunteering for the training in secondary schools and partnering with us.IMG-20160305-WA0054.jpg

To join the online campaign, follow @tgfgnetwork on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and make a repost of their posts or create your own using the official hashtags of the campaign #TeachATeen #ESD #NotTooYoungToEarn. To volunteer or partner with them, send a mail to for further enquiries.IMG-20160305-WA0052.jpg

Essay Competition – Young and Cerebral 2018 (ESCOM 2018)

Hey guys! Big Writing Opportunity here for those of us who love to write! Phones, Laptops, Writing courses as prizes. Read post below…and oh!!!! Tommyslav Island would be buzzing weekly soon again.

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EC2018 Banner FINAL
Young & Cerebral, a brand aimed at empowering, inspiring and giving a voice to the youth is declaring its annual Essay Competition for the year 2018 open. This year’s topics are centred on the core belief of the Young & Cerebral brand; Personal Fulfilment through Self Actualization.
The aim is to connect with and engage youths on issues of self-development, personal
transformation & fulfilment, encourage and reward creative writing as well as promote
Nigerian ideas and stories through writing. Our goal is to sustain a National Conversation about Creative Writing for Change. With that in mind, the following topics have been chosen.
Category 1 is open to all ages.
1. How will your raw idea change the world? The essay should not be more than 500
Category 2 is open to people between the ages of 18 and 35 years
2. Write about a popular Nigerian that you consider self-actualized. The essay should
not be more than 750 words.

Prizes include Smartphones, Laptops and Writing courses. Winners will also have the
opportunity to access Young & Cerebral resources for their growth and development.

Young & Cerebral started its Essay competition in 2013 and has received over 1,500 entries yearly across 18 states in Nigeria. This year’s judges include Adewale Yusuf, Joy Isi Bewaji, Folawe Omikunle, Isabella Akinseye and our returning judges are Sally Kenneth Dadzie and Earl Okezie

Some of our Supporters for this year’s Essay Competition includes Samsung, Bruno’s Place, Unilag Fm, Y Naija and Queen Moremi.

Entries should be sent to in word format using Arial
Typeface size 12, before 12 midnight of June 7th, 2018.

Winners will be announced in the month of July 2018.

For more information, visit our website: and follow all our social media pages: @youngcerebral on Facebook, Instagram &Twitter.

Guest Post: “Vex and Fallen Trousers”

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We’ve got something new and this is titled “Vex and Fallen a Trousers”. It’s written by Onyinyechukwu Mbeledogu. She blogs at ‘’.

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‘That yellow pawpaw guard was so rude 😡😡😡,’ Chika complained as she walked into the auditorium with her best friend.

They were attending a Government organised workshop and the security presence was to be expected. But Chika felt that the least the security details owed the participants was a simple courtesy🤷🏾‍♀. The moron 🐷had actually pushed her backwards as some of the participants struggled to gain access into the auditorium. She had her invitation card with her but the man hadn’t bothered to even check until after he had embarrassed her.

Had she been dressed in show-belle top and cut-off jeans, she would have perhaps felt that the man had mistaken her for a miscreant, that’s not to say that everyone who dressed in that attire could automatically be dubbed a miscreant.

Chika and Tega were identically dressed in dark skirt suits and high heels. However, Chika’s heels👠 could easily be termed as Mount Kilimanjaro. The heels were that high and Chika wore them with pride. After all, high heels were actually created for persons like her who were on the average side.

‘You know, we could always go back there and you can pretend to miss a step, lose your balance and just grab his trousers to break your fall? I am sure the sight of his fallen pants and his dirty boxers will restore your mood.’

‘You might have a point there. With all this im James Bond formings, that man fit dey wear very dirty boxers under that trouser.’

‘Oya make we go check,’ Tega said, leading the way.

‘Babe, chill small na🤷🏾‍♀,’ Chika told her, quickly grabbing her friend by the wrist. ‘The programme is about to start. Make we go find seat first, abeg. Just before the last session, I go waka through that door and I no come back inside this place without pulling his trouser.’

Tega laughed. She knew that her friend Chika wouldn’t have the mind to carry out something so devious.

But then, when devil wan punish you…

Three hours twenty minutes later Chika who had drunk four Eva bottled water in a space of five minutes, like someone either seriously dehydrated (not her case) or someone without sense (her case, definitely), seriously needed to relieve herself in the convenience🚽🏃🏾‍♀. With two additional sessions to go she couldn’t afford to remain seated.

Excusing Tega, she hurried 🏃🏾‍♀🏃🏾‍♀ to the main entrance. However, as she approached the door, she tripped over a plastic can someone had accidentally dropped and the ground was suddenly very close.

Reflexively she reached out for the first thing in her way to break her fall and as she landed unceremoniously on the rugged floor, she was at eye level with very fair, hairy fair legs, black socks and khaki material bunched around the socks covered ankles and still within her grip.

Her eyes widened but she dared not look up into the obviously shocked 😳😳😳 and very familiar face of the owner of those hairy legs. 🙆🏿🙆🏿

She quickly closed her eyes and feigned a faint.