Meet Me Here – Episode 7

Hi guys,  just before today's Episode... I'm glad to inform you that my first book is coming. George's Pieces Of Me (Poetry meets Prose) Brace yourselves! Now let's meet Tami and co this week. EPISODE 7 Dear Tamilore Morola Oni, Hey babe! If you are reading this, I probably went ahead with what you asked. … Continue reading Meet Me Here – Episode 7

Meet Me Here – Episode 4

EPISODE 4 Kunle was livid. It was not because Tami was making a life-changing decision by taking Amina in, it was because she had made the decision without consulting him.  “Kunle, get over yourself. She is just a kid.” Tami said, taking a seat before Kunle. He had stormed off to the Hospital’s kitchen after … Continue reading Meet Me Here – Episode 4

Meet Me Here – Episode 3

EPISODE 3 Kunle was having a hard time processing what Tami had just said to him. She had just said she wasn’t getting married by weekend. “Babe, this makes no sense.” He started. “You can’t just say you are not getting married.” “Why not?” Tami asked.  He wiped his forehead with a napkin and walked … Continue reading Meet Me Here – Episode 3