2018: The Year That Happened To Me

What a year this has been! And I mean WHAT A YEAR! Okay, maybe the capitalization is a bit extra but yeah, this year has been ‘IT’!

Let’s just dive right in.

January: The month of ease. Or rather, learning to wait.

I expected my year to take off in full flight, writing scripts here and there and cashing out but narf!!!! I was literally sleeping and eating all month. Over-sleeping at times because the pace of everything just seemed to be snail-driven. So, I prayed about it, because I couldn’t cope with being anything but ‘busy’. That’s been like my life. Busy. Busy. Busy. So, imagine the shock when I realized I was stuck with doing nothing. But in this month, I learnt to wait in silence. To allow things move. To believe that I wasn’t stuck on the curbs. To understand that God was and is with me. This made things easier. This made things better.

February: A friend buzzed me and said He’d love me to join in writing of a devotional plan. And I was tempted to say NO. It’s almost like my default response to things I haven’t thought through. But I didn’t say NO. I waited a beat (as we write in screenplays) and said Yes. I was sure I’d drop out after a week or a month tops but I’m grateful to God because He enabled me with the ability to write from a place where He leaned into me. That was rare and special and is still very much special. I’m in AWE of this. In case you want to check it, we’ve been writing daily since February 2018 here at http://mysalvationstory.me

March/April/May: Can I exactly tag these months? Nope. I don’t remember anything ground-breaking happening in between these months, but sometimes in May, my family and I travelled down to Osun state for my Paternal Grandmother’s funeral and I had my first rock climbing experience (HATERS WILL SAY I DIDN’T CLIMB A ROCK, But never mind…I WON’T MIND THEM. NOT MINDING YOU ALL) I have also decided to spare you the torture of watching the video when climbing as my panting would make you think I went to Kilimanjaro but guys, these are little beginnings, encourage a little child.

Sigh. (I don’t see you clapping…double sigh)

All of you will be alright.

But I will show you proof…

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JUNE: This month!

I’ll summarize this month with a song I have grown to love so much. “You’re gonna be ok” by Brian and Jenn Johnson. A lot wasn’t okay in this month. I felt pain all over again and almost sunk to the depth that was hollow and called for me. It was as though the universe conspired to send storms my way, but the beauty is, there is a Well we can always draw from. If you stay close to Him and never let Him go, Rivers will flow out of you.


July: Here comes the sun!

Yes, literally!

So, you guys know I have to be extra with this month. Birth month, check. AMVCA nominee month, check! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Hahahaha. July arrived with healing in its wings. More like a balm for the pain from the previous month. I am grateful for it. July was bigger than the AMVCA nomination although (*shines teeth*) it felt good to be recognized for something.


In this same amazing month, I had the privilege of being a Chief Bridesmaid to my very close friend and one of the pioneer pushers of my blog, Anuoluwapo Ajayi (we used to share the same surname until Mr Ajayi married her.) I was frightened about being her bridesmaid. I didn’t want to mess stuff up for her. People who know me personally would naturally say ‘Tomi would not be a Bridesmaid’, I mean come on! LOL’. BUTTTTTTTTT, we did it. Glory to God. Showed up in dresses instead of Jeans and T-shirt. Wore Heels in place of sneakers and we looked nice sha. Thanks to the amazing make-up artistes and fashion stylists for the dresses.

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Thanks July!

August: We are taking it up!

Ahhhh!!!!!! This month. As though being an AMVCA nominee wasn’t enough, I became an AMAA nominee in the space of a month for the same screenplay, Hakkunde. I was like whattttttttt?????!!!!!!! God is Good. Eternally grateful for this privilege. Thankful for the opportunity to be on the creative side of this project. Thank you everyone for your support too. It’s been immense from way back in 2012.


Then the AMVCA nominee cocktail party happened: Another opportunity to get a fine dress and hair done. My account balance was side-eyeing me all through these expenses but what can I do. Woman gotta do what woman gotta do.

So, we showed up.IMG-20180810-WA0004

Pic: Tomi and Wingman from Bowen days, Taiwo Boboye. A.K.A Event crasher. This guy is everywhere.

Thanks August!

September: Lights, Glitz, Talks, People.

Started off with a bang. The AMVCA came. Beautiful night, beautiful people everywhere. Cameras, lights, sounds. I listened to Adekunle Gold perform ‘Ire’ at the AMVCAs and smiled all through like a kid (still a kid sha)…he sounded amazing and maybe it’s just me but live performances can seep through your soul. It was beautiful. Grateful for that night.

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Aside from the glitz of the AMVCA, I took big decisions in September – there was the need to peel, feel and heal. It’s been life changing but I’m better for it. So, maybe you are on the brink of making a big decision – you should sit back and listen to the leading you obey. Mine is God’s. It’ll always make sense in the end.

I was invited to talk at Ignite Book Club and we discussed Books, Movies and George’s Pieces of Me. It was a refreshing experience. Thanks for inviting me guys.

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At this point, I must say I am always thankful for the opportunity to speak. It’s humbling. And whenever we get to talk about #GPOM, I am reminded of the essence of the book – Humans, love, life, loss, friendship and forever.

p.s: I’m still selling my book and it’s #2000. Buy from me, epp my life. Just click this link to buy: https://buboox.com/product/georges-pieces-of-me/


October/November: WIN

Wow! Like I said, this has been some year. In October, Hakkunde wonAMAA 2018 Achievement in Screenplay. This came as a massive surprise to me. I was like wow wow wow (siren sound literally). I didn’t go to Kigali sha, wasn’t economically friendly at the time. The rave from this went into November and it’s been really immense so far. November was also a very interesting month in my writing span this year, did a lot of writing for a project I am invested in and can’t wait to see the realization.



Finally, phew! Thanks guys for reading so far but this is my best part. Hehehe So, I attended a friend’s wedding and when the bride’s friends were called out, I went out with another friend, Busola Majaro to go and ‘see the bride’ oh! I promise you guys… I was not meaning to catch the bouquet, but I assure you that it fell into my hands. Hehehehehehehehehe



So, George, we both know you’re out there (I’ve been writing memoirs for you since I was girl) do the needful. Guys, don’t ask about the wedding date. Husband is on the way…you and I are both waiting for him.


Photo by Rachael Crowe on Unsplash

I was also privileged to speak at African Writers Meet in Opebi on the 16th of December…we discussed transitioning from blogging into screenwriting. Very good session and I was thrilled by the performances and other speakers. Thank you for having me guys.

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It may seem like I have not gone into details of the rough edges that happened to me this year, but they’ve been weaved in between the things that brought smiles. You know why? We are focusing on the beauty this time. And boy, there’s been a lot of it! So why don’t we show that always? Love and Light!

So, this was 2018 in highlights.

But the ‘main light’ here is YOU: You who has read this to the end. You who have supported me from way back till today. You are the main light and I don’t take you for granted. You, my friends. You, my family. I say Thank you and I look forward to doing 2019 with you.

Thank you, (1)

Love and Light always.

Have a great year


Tomi Adesina



38 thoughts on “2018: The Year That Happened To Me

  1. It’s you Lord Jesus Christ all the way. Thank You Lord for this “busy” baby girl You gave me.
    Without any doubt I’m proud of you. More grace and blessings of God on you.
    Looking forward to an exciting 2019 with you and …
    Love you loads.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wanted to see the video of the rock climb joor. Well, God bless you for us. You’ve been an amazing sister and supportive in all forms. You’ll experience more of God and his blessings in 2019. We love you, 2018 was great!


  3. You should have made that acceptance speech video like told you to for AMA awards. Congratulation on everything you achieved this year. Next year is even going to be bigger trust me so buckle up.
    PS: Adekunle Gold is golden I am not surprised he made you feel that way. I watch that performance at home and I can still hear his wonderful voice in my head as I write. Music is life and AG makes it so effortlessly. Happy new year lets rock 2019 together.


  4. Absolute brilliance, Tomi!
    Smiled mostly as I read as this truly and effortlessly lights up the heart.
    Thanks for focusing on the beauty that 2019 brought you (to him who is beautiful, all things are beautiful).

    Thanks for the caricature of a rock climb also.
    That cocktail dress is stunning!

    Here’s to meeting George, and to a bigger, better 2019.
    Keep winning, “Child”


  5. I love this, awesome write-up. Indeed, God has been faithful. You’re such an amazing person, I am glad to have you as my darling friend *smiles*. Lots of love mi amigo. Happy new year!


  6. The love of my life, you’ve had a wonderful year ND I am very proud of you. I’m only disappointed that I could not share these amazing moments with you, but best be sure next year we will celebrate your new successes together. Keep shining and keep making me proud!!!!


    • Awwww 💛💛💛💛💛💛😍😍😍😍😍

      You’re such a heartwarming guy. Thank you so much. At least you made one. 😁

      Thanks a lot for being here 🤗

      Have a great 2019.


  7. Congrats Tomi. I’m so happy for you. I screamed from my heart when I got to November and Hakkunde won the AMAA. Mehn, it is just the beginning. There’s a place for you in the sky and you’ll definitely get there. You are a big encouragement to me.


  8. Yayyy!!! Well done darling!!!
    I actually dropped my phone and clapped for you o. Rock climbing isn’t easy. Kudos boo!!
    Here’s to 2019, the year of all round wins. Always rooting for you.
    Happy new year hun!


  9. This is an interesting read.
    Could have easily gone for a publication…lol
    Greater heights for you in the coming year in Jesus name.
    We’re all proud of you dear.


  10. My baby girl, I’m so proud of you and so glad to be a part of your 2018 journey. Looking forward to starting another beautiful journey with you darling. Truly 2019 is going to be greater for us and ours. Happy New Year. Much Love💋


  11. The journey of a thousand miles. God is always with his people. Greater heights to u dear. More winning this year for u(not Chelsea oo). 😂. I believe u will have a record breaking year. Thanks for putting smiles on our faces.


  12. Hello Tomi… My first time of hearing about you was earlier this morning … And I am thrilled by this amazing sense of humour and grace in your writings… Hope to learn from you up close someday…


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