GuestCrib: Chimariya – Abdulwahab Olajumoke

​Hi guys, 

Hope you’re all having a good one. 

This week, we’ve got another Guest Post. This is by Abdulwahab Olajumoke and it is titled Chimariya.

You can find her on Facebook as Elizabeth De La Mubz. Also on Twitter as @hyper_gbaski and on Instagram as @lemubs
Enjoy reading Chimariya

          She sat on the edge of the bed panting like someone who just ran a 1500 meters race. The air conditioner in the room was on yet she was sweating profusely,the river of her sweat threatened to carry her away. The only piece of cloth covering her petite body was a piece of towel. The memory of what just happened flashed before her eyes making her shiver with fear.          She knew quite well the gravity of what she had just done,the crime she had just committed. But she was left with no choice,she was between the devil and the deep blue sea. If she had not acted on impulse,she would have been sexually abused again for the second time in her life. She allowed herself go down memory lane and the face of Mallam Nasiru their gardner with his yellow cola nut stricken teeth appeared in her head.          At the age of nine,she had been a full blown girl with curves and a full breast. She had taken after her mother who was plump and attractive.Life was all fun for her until two day after her ninth birthday. Her mother had gone to the market,leaving her alone in the house and she wandered playfully towards the boys quarters in their compound which housed the gardner and his fat wife.      “Chimariya” she heard the gardner call out her name in his hoarse voice. She dropped the balloon she had been playing with and headed innocently towards the direction of his voice.      “Uncle Nasiru did you call me?” she asked,when she saw him sitting on a rusty old bench. He had nodded in reply and pointed to a pair of worn out shirt inside his one roomed apartment,the one he shared with his two children and Mama Takwa,his fat wife.”Please go inside and bring that shirt for me” he had instructed. Sensing no harm,she entered into the lion’s den unknowingly.      The room smelt of cheap perfume mixed with sweat. She was in the middle of climbing a small stool to support her height so as to pick the shirt which was hanging from a nail on the wall when he closed in on her. The things that happened after had reshaped her life and thrown her into a deep emotional trauma. The man violated her innocence,he raped her and took her virginity. She couldn’t tell anyone;Mallam Nasiru had threatened to cut her throat if she ever mentioned it to anyone. The weird stories she  heard at school about hausa men using human flesh to make “Suya” also created fear in her. Nobody wanted to be killed and turned into seasoned roasted meat,so she was manipulated into keeping the abuse to herself.          Twelve years later and she had not gotten over the ugly abuse. It haunted her dreams and sometimes she felt like she was going crazy. She hated men with passion and made sure she stayed clear of any form of relationship with them. But Shahid appeared in her life and changed everything,he was a sweet guy;kind at heart and God fearing. Although she had not told him about her emotional trauma,he had been supportive. Calming her fears whenever the gloomy feeling threatened to eat her up. She loved him.          “Your Clothes are wet Mariya” Shahid said. She was visiting him for the first time and had been soaked wet by the rain on her way. She was skeptic about removing her clothes when Shahid suggested it but she had no choice. He offered her a piece of white towel big enough to cover her nakedness. He had also given her a pair of large veil to cover her neck when he noticed that she wasn’t feeling comfortable with having only the towel on.                  He had left her alone in his room for a while to get her clothes dry. The room was so cozy and warm that she had fallen asleep on his bed.”Chimariya!! Chimariya” she heard someone call out her name. She was dreaming but it appeared so real. Suddenly Mallam Nasiru appeared. He was smilling. She could see his yellow teeth,his demon like yellow teeth. Suddenly,she heard a loud bang and the door gave way. Shahid was standing at the doorway with a worried crease on his forehead. “What happened Mariya?” he asked in a worried tone. “You were screaming” he added as he walked closer to her. But all she saw was Mallam Nasiru and his cutlass not Shahid. She rose from the bed and backed away in fear. “Don’t come near me” she shouted.”Don’t come near me”.But Shahid kept moving closer and without thinking she picked up the vase on the dressing table and went at him like a savage,hitting him on the head until he dropped down in a pool of his own blood.          She sat on the bed and watched the love of her life gasp for breath. What had she done?? He was only trying to comfort her and she had killed him. She examined her blood stained hand and licked the blood off one of her fingers,it tasted salty. She felt like a demon,like Mallam Nasiru had left her with a demonic spirit. Maybe she was crazy after all. 


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