Dear George

Dear George,
I got a new oven. You didn’t fix the old one before you left. You swore to me that you would. Well, I had to get a new one, just so I could bake your cake. It’s fine, I am not so worried about that. I hear it is cold down there. Did you take the sweater I did knit you? Or are you as stubborn as ever? Thinking that the thick hair on your skin will pose as furs, shielding you from the cold and keeping you warm at night? You should have taken the sweater, George. You should have.
Never mind, I’ll bring it…It’s what I always do.
Seeing you today is meant to be a delight, yet my soul is broken. For all the times my thoughts have echoed your name; I hoped that seeing you again would bring me some joy. It hasn’t.
You are not saying anything. Are you not glad to see me? Or even the sweater I brought you?
It gets tiring. Sitting. Watching. Hoping. Praying. Wishing. Wishing that you’ll say something to me. But I won’t leave, George. You know I won’t.
I am going to force this sweater around your neck and you’ll be alright. It won’t be so cold anymore.
I’ll wrap my arms around you and keep you warm…
I’ll wait here till the sun rises and maybe…just maybe, you’ll open your eyes.
It’s morning again. The burial guards will be here soon. I hope they don’t find the sweater around your neck odd. You are my George. There’s no way your headstone would be left naked and cold.
I’ll bring you cakes tomorrow,
I know you’ll love them.
Always in my heart.

By: Tomi Adesina

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