Beautiful Stranger (The Ebook)

Season’s greetings everyone!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. I hope and pray that we all have a great celebration. I’m available for free food if you would call me. :):):)

Meanwhile, here’s a Christmas special. Beautiful Stranger (Toni and Jerry) is now available for free download. So enjoy some wonderful reading this season and share to your friends and loved ones.


Read a book today.

Once again, Merry Christmas and see you in 2016. It promises to be an amazing year. You’ll be reading a lot more from me and even watching some of the films I have shot. Exciting stuff, right?!

Alright guys, please share the link to others and let’s have a merry Christmas.

Click here to download

God bless you.

Tomi Adesina.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Stranger (The Ebook)

  1. Dear Tomi,
    Your books Clandestine n Dear future husband. healed my soul. I believe in love again and understand even if ders no “sm1” it beautiful enuf to bliv in. Thank you so much.GODBLESS YOU
    I love you.


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