I See It – Tomi Adesina

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been off writing for a while. Hopefully the new year would come with something real nice.

This Saturday, 19th December 2015, Tomi Adesina would be live on online radio “iaspire” with Actor and Presenter David Azeez to discuss “Winning with words”.
To join in the conversation, log on to iaspireradio.com at 10:00am Nigerian Time (GMT +1), UK 9:00am, USA 4am.
The phone line is 09020650000
Join Tomi on Twitter @tomi_adesina and Instagram @tomiadesina

I look forward to your calls and questions on the show. Thanks for the support everyone! God bless you.

Compliments of the season 🎁🎂


And here’s a little something I wrote recently. It was inspired by the photo below.
The title is
“I see It”


Image Credit: Eloghosa Osunde.


Murky waters. Clear skies. I see it.
Another ride into the still waters this sunset,
not to fish but to let my thoughts wander away.
Mother says these waters bore me,
Father says they’ll define me,
As I stare at my shadow beating against these waters and listen to the sound of silence lurking; one thing comes to mind – Me.
I see it!
White starched shirt with gold rank insignia on my shoulders,
binoculars fixed on my face as I look to the cloud and marvel at its wonders.
I see it.
I am standing in the bridge.
I’m manning the sail.
I’m moving against these waters in a bigger mother.
She is as beautiful as the one from my dream,
I am now all I used to see.
I smile and take in my surrounding as I sit back, throw my head back and run my hand through these waters,
These wooden rafts are here with me now;
In a while they’ll be memories,
I’ll savour the smell of the termite-ridden wood and listen to the dense whistling of the wind around me.
The whooshing of the waters against the sand would remain with me,
I see it,
The man I am becoming,
The man these waters raised.


5 thoughts on “I See It – Tomi Adesina

  1. This is a nice piece, Tomi

    I love it.
    And I understand it too. And that makes it fun and relative too

    Keep writing and glowing, dear


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