Her Lines – The Docudrama

Hello there!!! Good morning!

Finally, Her Lines is here!!!!!!

Written&Directed by Yours Truly, Tomi Adesina.

Produced by Michael Tayo Babalola and Tomi Adesina.

Please click the link below to watch and download from our YouTube channel.

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Thank you!!! Now go and watch!!!


8 thoughts on “HER LINES – THE DOCUDRAMA

  1. I’m so ‘in-love’ with that Her Lines Tomi, but don’t tell anyone I said so….lol

    It’s short but Amazing….I definitely won’t look at my hair the same way again. It’s really my identity, my strength, my pride as an African woman though my worth isn’t measured by it’s length.

    I’m my hair…..it was lovely. The screaming, smiling, words…were all real.

    More grace to your elbow….


  2. lol, their hair is even long — u should see mine lmaooooo. anyway, good drama, although me i was thinking it was going to be like a full thing with dialogue and stuff; but then again i have no idea what a ‘docudrama’ is. i like the message the clip portrays, i mean, you have to be proud of your hair no matter what, and if you aren’t, God made people and people made wigs 😀 x


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