New Series Alert!!!

Hi guys,

For those of you who know and most of you who do not,

Here’s introducing a new series by Seun Odukoya, the author of Saving Dapo and a few other goodies you must have seen or heard about.

Below is the poster for his new series starting on the 16th of September.


And guess what…..

It’s coming live on Tommyslav Island. Yes!!!

So, ladies and gents, get geared up and ready for the 16th of September.
You already know what to expect.
And of course, you can follow him @seunodukoya on twitter and also subscribe to his blog at

Till then… Fingers crossed

Tomi Adesina


6 thoughts on “New Series Alert!!!

  1. Tomi, i have been waiting for the nest episode of Fola King, *sighs*. Maybe suspense should be treated as a crime in this country. Answer us joor before we start a protest. ALL WE WANT IS FOLA KING!!! *chanting*


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