Hearts And Homes – the novella

Hi everybody,

It’s been quite the hiatus from writing and I decided to do a little novella.

It’s titled #HeartsAndHomes. The story of a soldier who embarks on a mission to find the schoolgirls abducted by the boko haram insurgents of North-Eastern Nigeria.

I hope you all would love this piece

Please share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Nairaland and kindly use the hashtag  #HeartsAndHomes to publicize the Novella in your tweet.

You can find me on Twitter @tomi_adesina.

Facebook: facebook.com/moradeadesina

Click HERE to download #HeartsAndHomes


33 thoughts on “Hearts And Homes – the novella

  1. Each and every word is a gem. Lurked together they form this magnificent piece. Well done, More power your elbow.


  2. Hi Tomi!! Been so long! Good to see your prowess has grown to novella status!! I know #HeartsandHomes will be a page turner, cos thats your gift! Go on girl! Keep firing!


  3. I love you and i love The story but it breaks me heart.. Keep it up… One more refused from you… Please give us more stories that can be downloaded..


  4. Toni is a writer with a bleeding imagination. You can’t but feel the pains of Aisha and other girls. You can’t but imagine Diana’s deep loss and strength as the omniscient narrator goes back and forth until the end. Hearts and Homes is a must read for Nigerians. It’s a short story that tells a story longer than expected. Well done, Toni!


  5. Tomi, i Love ur stories with a passion. They always brings tears to my face. Dear future husband, 2weeks to go, strangers, pls break my heart and all…… I was really touched. I downloaded it dis morning and i couldnt resist reading it immediately too. Thank u.


  6. Tomi Adesina doesn’t just write, she is the best creative writer I’ve met. The way she brings fiction to life with her pen is mind boggling and amazing. I actually felt like the girls have been when found when I read this about a week ago. I even felt the pain of the characters in the novel. You’re the best girl, the sky is your starting point.


  7. Dis So tounchn nd educating.Nyc one bosslady.I knw dat pain dt u wil feel wen u lost a closed frnd esply wen dey r alive we dnt av tym fr dem.It rilly painful.Am a testimony of dat.I feel ur Pain dear,But life goes on anyway.Kudos for ur hndwrk.I can mre awards cumin in 2016.Cheers!!!


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