Two Weeks To Go – Teaser

So, guys, here is the teaser for the new series. I hope you like it.

Happy reading…🙌


“Hi guys, so, the countdown is here…and it is just two weeks left! Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Yes. Do I want this? I think so…and ultimately, am I scared? Of course. I know it’s weird, you sitting there and having to listen to me rant about my life all day can be pretty exhausting and I am thankful for you guys and your endless comments because they have always given me the strength and courage to go on because it really does get loud inside my head, but with you guys…I don’t have to feel so lonely. It’s like having someone you can’t see walk with you every step of the way and I am yet to see what tops that feeling for me…that is love. Thanks guys, I’ll be back in the evening, but now, I am off to the mall to see a movie. It’s new and it’s sci-fi, you all know how much I love those things. So, have yourselves a very nice day and let’s play catch up when I am back. It is I, Ade Jones and this is my podcast”
Ade smiled as he stopped his recorder. He turned to his brother. “Did you like it, Tunji?”
“When have I not liked anything you said?” Tunji replied with a sigh.
Ade smiled. “You want to see the movie with me? I am paying.”
“It’s sci-fi. I don’t like those things.” Tunji replied with a shrug. “How long would you be?”
“I don’t know. It shouldn’t be long.” He said, putting on his sweatshirt. “You are free to change your mind, bro.” he said.
Tunji didn’t want to go anywhere. He’d rather sit in and watch TV, and maybe, eat some food too. That seemed to be all he was doing anyway…but his brother, Ade didn’t seem to have any worries about what was going on around them. That tired him. “You take care, alright?”
Ade chuckled. “I am still your big bro, stop playing daddy.”
“That reminds me, when last did you hear from him?” Tunji asked, adjusting in his chair. This was important.
Ade shrugged. “He is busy at the Hospital… probably holed up in the research lab trying to find a way.” He said with a smile. “Racing against time.” He added with a chuckle.
“And don’t you think that’s a good sign?” Tunji asked.
Ade smiled. “You worry too much. There’s nothing good about our father stuck up between the hospital walls trying to save a life while he gets lean. He should save his own life too.”
“Just go, Ade. You are so impossible.” Tunji said with a laugh. His brother had just made light of their father and a serious situation. Everything seemed funny to Ade. Even his own life.
Ade grabbed his car keys. “Try not to eat too much.”
“I am hungry.” Tunji replied.
Ade smiled. “You are running. You are not hungry.” He replied and reached for the door. “Later, bro.”
Tunji nodded as he stared at the bag of chips that was beside him. He had learned to eat for pain. When their mom passed on, Tunji’s best escape from the pain was food. He’d eat and then sleep and he never had to shed a tear about it…he gained more weight, but that didn’t bother him.
The bag of chips enticed him, he didn’t see the need to refuse this temptation.
“Yvonne Laoye! Oh my!”
Yvonne sighed but managed to force a smile across her teeth. She had thought that her timing was perfect. It was Monday and it was 10am. Who comes to the cinema at this time? Plus, she had gotten dark sunshades which would be totally inappropriate considering she was not in the sun, but she needed them to shield her from her fans. Yes, she was the movie industry’s biggest sweetheart.
“Please, sign my ticket.” The lady said, handing it out to her.
Yvonne maintained her smile as she signed the ticket and of course waited to take a couple of shots with the others who had spotted her. In a few minutes, her phone was vibrating. She knew she must have been tagged in pictures on instagram or mentioned on twitter or Facebook and the likes. The life of a Nigerian celebrity.
She walked up to the counter to purchase her ticket before heading down the hall for the cinema. She smiled in satisfaction as she noticed the emptiness of the hall. Exactly her wish! See a movie alone…or if that couldn’t be achieved, see a movie unnoticed. Well, the hall was empty for a start, she could cash in on her luck.
Yvonne picked her spot at the corner in the dark room. It was the complete contrast of the spotlight she was used to. Lights…camera…action. Those were her things. But here, it was lights off, big screen on. Totally different! No one had bought a ticket but her. She would just sit and see the movie alone. It was meant to be a sell-out. She had seen the movie trailer. It was ‘dope’, ‘epic’ and all things awesome! Why weren’t people trooping into the cinema to see this movie? Maybe Monday Fever? But then, she looked on the brighter side, the absence of people in the cinema would give her more alone time. Alone time was something she didn’t have the liberty of owning. From photo-shoots to endorsement deals, script conferences, set locations and award nights. When she was not busy with these, she had her manager dragging her from one charity ball to another, orphanage visits and relief centres. Her life was scripted round the clock. She didn’t like this life…not anymore. It was fascinating initially. She would have given anything to be in the spotlight and now that she got it, it was not it. Stardom had taken a lot from her than it had given her and that was her biggest regret. Maybe her home was the best place for her to get her precious alone time, but she knew she couldn’t. Maybe she could…but then she might have been tempted to defy her new mission which was two weeks away. She had set a two-week ultimatum for what she had dreamt of doing since she got to her knife edge. Her ultimate desire to put an end to all the drama in her life which was totally off the stage. She was going to put a gun to her head and pull the trigger, she would not miss.
Copyright © Tomi Adesina 2015

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46 thoughts on “Two Weeks To Go – Teaser

  1. Nice one there! I’m new here and I’ve read all the stories…..including the E-books! Please, I need the links to episodes of Clandestine and also the links to any missed stories, I need things to keep myself busy as I’m on leave from work! I’ve tried searching for them but it isn’t bringing anytin! Thanks a bunch!


  2. And d story begin with a suspence. Yvonne will herself bcos of low self esteem. So 2 b a calabrity na wrk. Chai. I will like 2 b me den,


  3. This is a good start, captivating, interesting and suspense filled… LOVE ll happen… I can’t wait for this to begin…


  4. Here we go again….this is gonna be a bumpy ride, someone should please help me fasten my seat belt cos my hands and eyes are so glued to my phone…Weldone Tomi!


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