GUESTCRIB: “Hell” by @therealadelero

Hi guys, today’s GuestCrib post is written by Layomi Adebamiro. You can follow him on Twitter @therealadelero and check out his blog address-


It was a cold night in the city of Lagos. I lived in one of the remote areas there. It was Christmas and we had a tradition of decorating the streets with ropes and little bells clinging to them. That night, the wind blew hard as the bells tingled and gingled. I put on my winter coat, head warmer and my socks. The boots were beside the door. The harmattan season was never friendly. I walked over to the door, put my legs in the boots and I moved out of the house.
The church bell began to ring aloud. Only one thing could be. It was midnight. I walked down the street still unsure of where I was headed. It all seemed fine until I noticed something that was out of place. “There was no door here before.” I thought to myself.
Curiosity set in. I pulled open the door, it unveiled a tunnel. I moved slowly into the tunnel with my torch in hand. It seemed quite alright but it wasn’t too good. The temperatures increased to questionable heights. While trying to wipe off some perspiration, I came to a spot where there were a lot of doors. I looked around over and over. I tried opening all the others but only one was open. I moved through that door as I became more curious. I moved over again, coming to another door with the inscription EULB YVI. A sword mark was on the door, like a space where a sword could fit in. I tried to open the door but I couldn’t. I saw a golden light shining on the wall. ‘Pick the sword and unlock the door.’ It read. I slowly picked the sword and the door opened.
I dropped the sword, a strong wind pushed me back out and locked the door as the sword went back to its place.
I tried again repeating my former actions, the same thing happened. I knew that if my investigation was to be complete I had to go with the sword. I moved on in my quest to uncover the mystery of the tunnel. The tunnel went dark at some point then all of a sudden the sword began to glow causing torches on the walls of the tunnel to lighten up.
The temperatures rose to unbearable heights then there was noise but another door. This one had the inscription ARMAGEDDON on it. I didn’t touch it but it opened itself more like an automatic door. Flames burst out to my face suddenly and I swung the sword in an attempt to shield my face. To my utmost surprise, the flames were repelled. The noise seized at least for a second. “Come on in, my child.” A voice from the midst of the flames called. I stalled for almost three minutes then the multitude began to grow really impatient.
All of a sudden I heard the noise of metals clashing, it seemed as though they were in the midst of a riot but I was wrong. They were coming for me.
The first one came with a dagger set to pierce my heart. I had to cut off his left hand. More came, I had to become an instant swordsman. I fought hard, running for my dear life at some point. The creatures kept on chasing me, laying their hands on me at different times. I had to cut off heads, hands or sometimes both.
I had managed to run away from them then I got to the point where there were a lot of doors. I got confused then one swung open. I became scared, I staggered back and drew the sword. A dragon with seven heads emerged, I was stunned. It took advantage of me and breathed fire at me, this sent me flying back to whence I came from. The fire consumed the multitude. I couldn’t stop but I know I found myself at the end of the tunnel. In the midst of flames.
I looked up, there he stood, with a tail as that of a lion, heads were seven in number, he looked so scary. I knew him, I was face to face with the devil himself.
The dragon joined us. I couldn’t bear it. I had to get out of where I was. The dragon tried to breathe fire on me again, I quickly used the sword to redirect it pushing it to an unconscious devil. It stunned him and his dragon causing them to pass out for a few seconds, buying me some time to run. I ran as fast as I could but not all that fast. The dragon caught up blasting tons of fireballs at me in a flash. I couldn’t believe I was doing it. I was redirecting them destroying the tunnel gradually, I unknowingly and unconsciously redirected three fireballs at the dragon itself. They had a huge damage on it. The devil was close, the death of his dragon affected him, buying me more time. I successfully found the way I came through but the devil was on my tail. I could see the final door ahead but the devil had swung his sword at me. I dodged it returning the favor, I managed to outsmart him with words reminding him of his dragon. I threw the sword at him but he managed to maneuver it while that bought me a single second and that was all I needed. I ran out onto the streets. Then I fell.
I jumped up to run for my life then I fell again but this time it hurt. I opened my eyes set to run again and I hit my head against the door. I was in my room. There was no tunnel, no devil, no dragon, no multitude.
It was all a dream.

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PS: The next episode of Clandestine comes up on Wednesday, the 31st of December… Stay tuned 😜

4 thoughts on “GUESTCRIB: “Hell” by @therealadelero

  1. Hmmmm….may God save us from the fire of he’ll, may He help us live a rapturable life, may our thought and deeds be worthy of heaven IJN


  2. Wow!!!! I missed reading this, just saw it in my mailbox. This is an outstanding vividly described tale! Astounding and profoundly meaningful! Wow, for a minute there, I was there, seeing and experiencing everything! May God Truly save us all from HELL…kudos to you Adelero, and thanks for sharing Tomi…

    Liked by 1 person

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