Clandestine – Episode 11

Hi guys! I’d love to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I pray that you experience the reason for the season – Jesus Christ! Happy Holidays!
Episode 11


George took a deep breath as he watched Lola sleep. Thirty minutes had passed since he called Alex. He knew it was not in his place to take Lola home, but maybe Alex was taking longer than he had expected. He was worried that Alex wasn’t here yet…maybe he did the wrong thing by calling Alex. Maybe it wasn’t the wrong thing after all, maybe the first decision you make is always the right decision after all. What if Alex wasn’t interested in Lola anymore? What if Alex thought he put the call through to spite him? Several “Maybe’s and what if’s” filled his thoughts. He was in dire need of some truth to put him out of his misery. The bar was almost empty. The barman had come over to him to ask when they would be leaving…he had said soon. Soon wasn’t coming soon enough. He took some water and sprinkled it on Lola, she responded. It was a good thing she wasn’t out cold yet. He would just carry her.
“Lola…” George said as he reached for her hand.
Lola yawned. “Are we home yet?”
“No…but we…erm…we should leave now.” George replied.
Lola chuckled. “So, I am going with you?”
George took a deep breath. “I guess. My house isn’t the best, but, it’s okay.”
Lola laughed. “It’s never been about the house.”
“Lola, let’s go.” George said as he reached for her hand.
She pushed his hand away. “I am not going with you.” She replied chuckling. “I’ll only go with Alex.”
George sighed. “I will take you to Alex in the morning.”
“No. Call him.” Lola replied in a slurry voice.
George took a deep breath. “Lola, you are drunk and you need to go and rest okay, I’ll take you home and you’ll be fine.”
“Okay…I just want to sleep.” She replied and placed her head on the table.
The door opened and Alex stepped into the bar. He took a deep breath as he watched George and Lola from a distance. Lola was beating George’s hand away as she tried to rest on the table. He smiled faintly at this and then walked up to them.
Lola recognised the voice. It was Alex. She laughed at this. “You came.” She said and dropped her head back on the table.
Alex stared at George. “So, what now? Why did you call me?”
“Well…I am the loser here. She is never going to be with me.” George replied.
Alex nodded. “Shame it took you forever to realise.”
“Don’t get too cocky.” George replied. He then took another glance at Lola. “She is a beautiful woman.”
Alex nodded. “It’s a shame I hurt her.”
“Yeah…but I hope you’ll be able to make her happy again. She is still in love with you.” George said.
Alex stared at him. “She said that?”
George smiled faintly. “She never stops saying that. She is just angry. Very angry, but she has got a lot of reasons to stay.” He replied.
Alex stared at Lola. “I was just so foolish. I miss her so much. I miss everything. I miss the way she talks. The way she laughs. I miss us. I miss every damn thing and I am just so scared that she is gone forever, and it’s all my fault.”
George shrugged. “It’s on you, Alex. I wish I was the man she loved, but I can never be with her. I won’t fool myself.”
“I can’t tell you I am sorry or I wish things were different. Lola is mine. I messed up, but I love her with everything in me and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let go.” Alex replied.
George nodded. “I’ll just leave. You can take over from here.”
“Thank you.” Alex said as he stretched his hand out to George.
George smiled and took the hand. “And congratulations too.”
Alex stared at him. “On what?”
George didn’t know if it was his place to announce Lola’s pregnancy, so he stopped. “You have it all.” He replied.
Alex smiled faintly. “Until I have Lola back, I don’t know about that.”
“Well, that’s on you.” George replied. “So long, Alex. Say hi to Lola for me.” He added and walked away.
Alex tapped Lola. “Lola…”
“Leave me alone.” She slurred.
Alex pulled her up. “My back, Lola.”
“No!” she replied sharply.
“I said my back! Get on!” Alex said, more authoritative this time.
Lola obliged without another word.


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“I have missed you, Lola.” Alex said as he stepped out of the bar.
Lola chuckled. “Me too…”
“Really?” Alex asked.
“Yeah…” she replied.
Alex smiled. “Our divorce is not final, you know?”
“Yeah…” she replied.
“So, what if we tear the papers? Unh?” Alex asked.
“Yeah…” she replied.
Alex looked over his shoulder. Lola’s hand dangled across his shoulder, she was struggling to stay awake. It took his mind to their good days. Lola knew how to feign strength in her weakness. He wasn’t going to bore her with his talks. Maybe they would have a conversation in the morning.
It’s hard to fall in love and not be loved back. Maybe it is one of the most painful feelings one could ever go through…and most times, people tell you to get over it. They’ll tell you not to go back to the memories, they’ll tell you to try so hard to move on…but the truth is, it is trying that is really hard. Maybe running away from the situation might be valid, maybe pretending as though the person never existed might work for but a while. Maybe one day, you’ll be fine again…but till then, it is really hard. 
George knew he was done trying. He zipped his bags. He knew he might have the courage to be able to look Lola in the eye someday in the future without feeling the burning desire to be with her…but till then, if running was the only way he’d be fine. He would run.
It’s not like he had too much to live for in this town anyway…
Lola woke up with a headache. She was tired from last night. She was in a familiar room. Her room…well, her ex-husband’s room. She took a deep breath as she tried to think about how she would have gotten into Alex’s room. She was with George…not Alex. What happened?
The door opened and Alex walked in topless carrying a tray. What was he trying to achieve showing off all his chest? Lola threw her face away in defiance as she reached for the bedside.
“I brought you some pepper soup. It’s really hot and it should help with the headache.” Alex said as he set the tray before her. “You slept so much, it’s noon already.” He added with a smile.
Lola was nauseated. She sprang up from the bed and hurried into the bathroom. Alex hurried after her. He watched her puke into the tub. “It must be the hangover.” He said as he ran some water over her face.
Lola returned into the bedroom. “Are you going to tell me how I got here?”
“You don’t remember a thing?” he asked.
She ran her fingers through her hair. “I am in your T-shirt, Alex. What am I supposed to remember from last night?”
“Make-up sex.” Alex said with a grin.
Lola gasped.
“I was kidding. Nothing happened.” Alex replied.
She sighed. “I was with George last night. How did I get here?”
“George called me.” He replied.
Lola stared at him with some concern. “George?”
Alex nodded. “Yes, he did.”
“Oh…Okay.” Lola replied. “Did he say anything to you?”
Alex shrugged. “What should he have told me?”
“I am asking you.” Lola replied.
Alex shook his head. “Nothing out of the ordinary. Drink your soup, please. It should help you.”
“No, thank you. I am fine.” Lola replied as she got up from the bed. Thanks for bringing me in.”
Alex took her hand. “Babe, please…let’s give us another chance.”
Lola looked away. “There is a lot going on in my head…I have to leave.”
Lola groaned. “Just give up already, Alex!”
Alex swallowed. “I can’t.”
“Look, Alex, give me some space, some time.” She said as she picked her gown from the side of the bed. “I’ll be out of your home in no time.”
“It’s not my home.” Alex replied.
Lola stared at him. “Sorry?”
“It’s only a home with you and I am never going to be alright without you. I have hurt you and I am sorry, and I know that you might not forgive me anytime soon, but I am going to keep trying.” He replied.
Lola took a deep breath. “I am never coming back, Alex.”
He nodded. “I’ll keep trying.” He replied.
Lola sighed and left for the bathroom.
“Are you just going to let her walk away?” Jude asked.
Alex stared at him. “What other choice do I have?”
Alex sighed. “That’s all I have been doing.”
“Alex, Lola is still up there, don’t allow her leave.” Jude said.
Alex shook his head. “No, I am not stopping her.”
“What are you going to do?” Jude asked.
Alex stared at him. “I am going away for a while. Change of cities. I’ll clear my head.”
Alex sighed. “I know I have a lot of strength to fight for her, but maybe I need to take a break.”
“Maybe you are right.” Jude replied.
Alex nodded. “I think I am.”
“So, George is out of the picture forever?” Jude asked.
Lola joined them. “What about George?”
“Hi, Lola.” Jude greeted with a smile.
Lola stared at Alex. “What have you done?”
“Nothing.” Alex replied weakly.
Jude sat up. “George is gone.”
“Gone?” She asked.
Alex blinked. “Lola, we need to talk.”
“What did you do to him, Alex?” Lola asked.
Jude cleared his throat and left for the kitchen.
Alex clenched his teeth. “Is this all about George? You are so worried.”
“I damn right should be worried. I was with him and now I end up with you and then Jude says he is out of the picture. What did you do, Alex?” she asked.
Alex took a deep breath. “What do you think I am capable of?”
“Alex, I am not in the mood to play these games with you. What happened?” she asked.
Alex nodded. “George called me. I came over to pick you and he told me to tell you that he was going away.”
“I don’t believe you.” Lola replied.
“Believe whatever you want!” Alex shouted. “I am dying here just because I hurt you and you won’t even give me another chance! God! I am sorry, Lola. Do I have to kill myself for you to understand that I love you and I am sorry for playing with your heart? Please, Lola.”
Lola blinked. “You are yelling at me, Alex.”
“Yes, I am…and I am not sorry. This is how I feel right now. I don’t feel okay, I feel sick, and I feel tired. I am exhausted. I want us. I want you back. Lola, why is it so hard?” he asked.
Lola looked away.
“Lola, I want another chance and I want it with you. I am sorry and I am not going to be tired of going after you every day of my life and maybe you’d move on eventually without me…or maybe you’d never get over my awesomeness.”
Lola chuckled.
Alex took a deep breath and then took her hand. “I am not going to ask you to stay, Lola. You don’t need to be here, maybe we need a lot of time apart and maybe that way we may need each other again. Okay?”
Lola was silent.
“I am going to miss you, Lola.” Alex said as he pulled her close for a hug. “Take care of yourself and be fine without me. I think I am enough damage for you already.” He added as he pulled away and stared at her. He ran his finger across her hair. “Go on…” he said and turned away. “Goodbye, Lola.”
Lola felt a piece of her shatter. She didn’t want to go anymore, but she didn’t also see the need to stay. She had convinced herself that she was angry and that had worked for her, but now she wasn’t sure if she was right anymore, but how to look back was harder. She would just go and cry her heart out in her car.
Mr David watched his daughter run up the stairs and then he turned to his wife. “Now she comes in whenever she likes, right? I won’t take that o! This is my house.” He said as he stretched out his newspaper.
“You know Lola is not like that, there has to be a reason for it.” Mrs David protested.
“Like there was a reason why she decided to end her marriage.” He retorted.
She frowned. “Take it easy, I will go and speak to her before we pass judgement on her.”
“Talk to her o! I am tired of all these! I am tired!” he replied.
Mrs David knew her husband had every right to be upset, but she also thought that he could show more understanding towards their daughter’s plight, after all, he knew what it was like to be in her shoes.
“Lola is just being a drama queen. I know she is hurt, but in the end, she is going to be lonely and very bitter. She is too in love with Alex to love another man.” He ranted as he tapped his feet furiously. “She just needs to breathe and let it go.” He added. “I just don’t get these kids. This marriage needs to be fixed, there is no need to throw it away!” he added as he slammed the paper on the table. “Talk to her!” he said and walked out.
Mrs David took a deep breath and went upstairs. Lola’s room was open so she just walked in. “Lola…”
“Mom.” She replied from a corner of the room.
Her mother walked over to meet her. “My darling girl, it’s alright. Come…” she beckoned as she hugged Lola. “It’s okay…” she whispered to her.
“Mom, it is not.” Lola replied. “All these is too much for me, I don’t know what to do anymore.”
“Come with me.” Mrs David said as she led Lola downstairs.
Jude stared at Alex as he spoke on the phone.
“Yes, what time is the flight?” Alex asked. He paused. “I want a ticket to join that flight this evening. Yes, it is urgent I get on that plane.” He added. “Thanks bro, I appreciate the help.” He said and hung up.
Jude stared at him. “Boye?”
“Yeah…our Pal at the agency. There are still some seats so I am getting out this evening.” He replied as he typed away on his phone.
Jude took a deep breath. “Are you sure about this, Alex?”
“I just wired him the money for my ticket, so yes, I am sure.” He replied.
Jude joined Alex on the sofa. “Alex, I know this is hard for Lola and maybe even harder for you, but don’t you think you are taking this a little too far by running away?”
“I am not running, I am just taking time out to think and give Lola some space too.” He replied.
Jude nodded. “I understand how you feel, but what about work?”
“What about it? I am long overdue for a vacation and I want to take it now.” Alex replied.
Jude smiled. “How do you want me to tell Idahosa that?”
“Just tell him that I had to go away for a break. I need it, Jude. I’ll be much better when I am back.” He replied.
“What if Lola comes to look for you while you are on your break?” Jude asked.
Alex shrugged. “I doubt if she would, but if she does, phone me immediately.”
Jude nodded. “Fine, in that case, I suggest you go and pack your bags.”
“I don’t need too much.” Alex replied. His phone beeped. He read through the message. “Seat booked, flight is by seven pm.”
“That’s in four hours. I’ll drive you to the airport.” Jude said.
Alex smiled faintly. “Thanks bro, I appreciate it.”
“Always welcome, Alex.” He replied.
“So, what happened between you and Doubra? You said you would gist me.” Alex said.
Jude smiled. “I am giving some thought to it. I don’t want all these things you are going through.”
“Do you sincerely think you can’t be a better man than I was with Lola?” Alex asked.
Jude shrugged. “Maybe…maybe not. Do I want to take a chance? No.”
Alex sighed. “I’ll be here for you but I don’t agree with you…and the day you decide to change your mind, I’ll be your biggest fan.”
Jude smiled. “Well…I don’t know if that day would ever come.”
Alex rose to his feet. “Who knows?”
Lola wiped her tears. “Mom, I have heard everything you said, but if my Dad couldn’t cheat on you, why should my own husband cheat on me? Why can’t I have a good man like my father?”
“Lola, your father is indeed a very good man and yes, he didn’t cheat on me…but I did cheat on him.” She said.
Lola was stunned. “Uh?”
“Yes, Lola. I was unfair to him. He…he was always away and I was alone, I was scared…and I slipped.”
“How could you?” Lola asked. “You…you don’t look like you could ever-”
Her mother smiled. “It is never always as it seems, my love. Lola, your Dad and I made it through my infidelity, I was sorry and I was wrong and I begged him and he forgave me, and we are still together…strong…old and in love. Lola, I know there are men out there that won’t cheat on their wives and vice versa and I am by no means making a case for infidelity, but I am saying that you can learn to forgive. It is so hard to say goodbye to something so beautiful, you can walk away now and your father and I might even accommodate you in our home, but what goes on in your heart is totally on you and trust me, Lola, there are some holes that can never be filled…except with love.” She said.
Lola stared at her.
“It might be all too much for you to process right now, but the truth is you know where you want to be. You know who makes everything all right and different for you…and even though he has hurt you, you have to pull him back and make him yours again. Lola, Alex is sorry and you both are about to have a baby together. Fight for this, Lola. Fight for your marriage. Fight for your family. Fight for your sanity. Fight for the man you love. Fight for you.”
Lola took a deep breath. “Alex…”
“Yes, his name is Alex…only a strong woman can forgive, Lola. I know you can do this.” She said.
Lola wiped her tears. “So…this is it?”
Her mother nodded. “Do you still love, Alex?”
“Of course, Mom. Alex is everything. I don’t even know what I’ll do without him, Mom. Today, I was with him and I was just so sad because he was exhausted, Mom. I think I have pushed him too far.” She replied.
“Does he know about the pregnancy?” she asked.
Lola shook her head. “I haven’t spoken to him about it.”
“Maybe you can start from there?” Her mother asked. “Go and freshen up, call him up later in the evening and try to talk, okay?”
Lola nodded.
Jude slammed the trunk. “Are you sure you are not forgetting anything?”
Alex shook his head. “No.” he replied.
“We can go then.” Jude said as he sat in the driver’s seat.
Alex joined him in front. “Take care of my house, okay?”
“Of course, man. I will come here regularly to ensure it hasn’t grown webs, besides, your security guard is also very helpful.” Jude said as he started the car.
Mr David stepped into Lola’s room. “Hi.”
“Dad…” she called as she walked over to him.
He stretched out his arms for a hug. “It is okay, my dear.” He said as they hugged tight.
“I am sorry about everything.” She said.
He nodded. “You should be with Alex now.”
“I was thinking tomorrow is fine. It’s been one long hard day and I don’t want to agitate him.” She said. “Besides, it is too late.”
He shrugged. “You still have tonight. It’s never late, Lola.”
Lola nodded. “I guess you are right.”
“Of course, I am right.” He replied. “I suggest you get dressed and go and talk to Alex. Put that guy out of his misery.” He said with a soft chuckle.
Lola smiled. “I am going to get my man.”


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  1. She is just sum hours late, poor lola, she resume cryin again, thinking alex is gone 4 ever, I smell jude gettin down with doubra, make doubra use am do shakara small. Else she will b d loser. Nice 1 tommy. I should have brought ur own share of chicken but d hold up was much. MERRY CHRISTMAS 2 u all including u TOMMY.


  2. Laughssss….a diplomatic dispute av u ever sit on a round rolling table u lear one or 2 skills wen the game is ur turn lets see how the table moves now….swift or majesticaly….Tomi i see dis far beyond ur handwriting. Season greetings dearie


  3. If she misses him good for her,dont know about others oh bt this scene of Lola being stubborn about forgiving Alex is really boring me or its you dats over flogging it and not making it look real anymore,please Tomi don’t make dis whole story fake…am ur huge fan anyday bt if today ‘s episode hadn’t ended d way it did,i told myself I will skip a lighter mood Merry Christmas darling


    • @bimpe5 I believe dat wen u’re reading a book u should take it far than just ordinary writing,ur imagination should be wild.have ever relate dis story to a real life scenario? I want u to just pretend to be in lola’s shoe how will u feel……wat if it was Lola dat cheated on her husband did u fink he would forget her easily? wen something is bad it has no other name it surely will b bad. am following dis story to really learn from it. U know guys do d cheating thing a lot.


  4. When i come back from NYFA i hope we can make this story into the big screen. I love this story, You finally made cry, and i am yet to read the final episode. May God continue to bless you Tomi. Am sure by now you know you are my fav writer of all time…. wink


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