GuestCrib – “Lost and Trapped” by @adexinspy

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Fear was a word Folu had never been accustomed to in his life. He had been living every day, thinking that he was more than capable to take on any challenge that life posses, but here he was; fear stricken. He struggled with the door for some time until he became very sure that it would not open. His nosiness and desire to know all hidden secrets had brought him to this. The word fear has never been found in his dictionary, but why was he so scared now?
He stared into the deep darkness before him, wondering if he had suddenly become blind for he could not even see his hand in front of his eyes. The darkness seemed to be draining the life out of him, making him gasp for breath; I must be going crazy, he thought. His hands felt his pockets, searching for his Nokia phone. He pulled it out hurriedly, flashing the light. He sighed in great relief at the glimmer of light even though the light was just a shadow.
He flashed the light ahead and saw someone. His tongue nearly went down his throat with fright but this only lasted for about a second because the image vanished. His heart raced and he felt like someone who had committed murder, looking from one corner of the long passage to the other, looking for ghosts. Sweat trickled down his face as his body shook from fear. He had long lost the will to continue his investigation but what could he do? He had already gotten himself into the mess and now he was trapped in this haunted room. He turned back again for the umpteenth time, grabbed the door handle and started struggling with it. He really wanted to uproot the door and being caught at the moment seemed a far better option, compared with being stuck in this room. One quick glance around told him that this was not a room, but a passageway. After much struggle, he discovered he was fighting a lost cause. Tears rolled down his cheeks and his strength waned as he fell into a heap on the floor. He held his head in his hands, with his eyes tightly shut as he sobbed. He regretted entering this place.
It had been so simple moments ago: he would just sneak into the building, find out what Mrs. Bree was hiding inside that building and come right back to boast of his discovery to Fola who was his twin brother. He and his brother had stayed in that house with Mrs. Bree ever since they lost their parents at the age of nine. It was a mansion, fit to occupy a thousand people if possible. He and his brother never lacked anything and they soon added weight, which they maintained by exercising. Now that they were fourteen, their curiosity had increased.
There was this large building behind the main building which was forbidden. Their aunt had warned them, right from their very first day in the house that they should never attempt entering that building. They had obeyed for more than five years but now, they were super curious as to the mystery behind the building. He and his brother had planned on going at night but when Mrs Bree left for a meeting and Fola went to see a friend, he decided to enter the building before he arrived, in order to boast of his discoveries. Getting the key of the entrance was difficult because he had to sneak into his aunt’s room without the knowledge of the maids but when he is out to get something, he always gets it.
A click sound jolted him out of his thoughts as he jumped up. His phone gave a battery warning and his fear increased. The earlier he found a way out of the room, the better. He had entered the house, surveying every nook and cranny until he got lost. He wondered how you could get lost inside a house, but with such a big house, he knew it was possible. It was during his search for the exit that he found himself in this dark room. He wished he had, at least, waited for his brother, he would not feel so lonely and scared.
He remembered that he could call someone and instantly became happy but his joy was dashed when he realized that there was no network on the phone. The room seemed to have no network coverage. He hadn’t brought his Iphone. MTN’s ‘everywhere you go’ didn’t seem to include this room. His legs shook beneath him as he gathered all the courage he could muster. He shut his eyes against the strange objects he could see hanging on the walls and just looked ahead as he walked down the passageway, hoping with all his heart that there was another exit. He hadn’t gone far when the same ghostly image appeared again; he froze.
Folu stood still as the image vanished again for the second time. It seemed like the more he walked, the closer he got to the ghost. He was vibrating with fright still on the same spot when the worst thing happened: his phone went off. He shook his phone like he was trying to shake some sense into it. He put it on severally but it kept on going off every time saying battery empty. He removed the battery with shaky hands and put it against his tongue, although his tongue felt dry. He put it back in the phone and powered it. It came on but just as he was thanking God, the phone went off again. In anger, he threw the phone and it shattered on the floor with the sound echoing in a frightening manner.
Folu started wailing. He had never cried that way in his life. He felt so lost; but he was actually lost. Death seemed like a welcome option as he stood still, weeping. He started walking again, preferring the companion of a ghost to the deafening darkness. He swallowed hard as the ghost appeared again but he did not stop walking. His wailing was what filled the frightening silence.
He got to a distance and saw a door. The door was beaming as if it was beckoning him to come. He stood still for a minute but when all the strange things that were happening almost choked the life out of him, he started running to the door. He didn’t have to open it the door because it opened of its own accord; just as if they had been expecting him.
What he saw next almost drove him crazy. He saw his twin brother, Fola, in the air. His hands which was carrying his weight was tied and held up by a long rod. He was weeping profusely like he had been terribly tortured. He saw the ghost he had been seeing sitting on a big chair with a grim smile on his face. He fell flat on his face as grief vibrated his being. His throat was thick and his eyes were bloodshut. What was his brother doing there? He wondered. He had apparently lied to him when he said he wanted to see a friend. He also had the same desire he had. The desire to find out what was being kept in this damned building, but now that they knew, they were filled with regrets.
“Please sir, please leave my brother alone” he cried on the top of his lungs. “Please… take me instead” he begged, rolling on the floor.
“No…” his brother said in a weak voice. “Take me. you have tortured me enough. Take me. Save my brother” he gasped. “Tolu… get… get out of here”
Tolu stood up and faced his brother. “You are mad. You don’t know what you are saying” he yelled and faced the ghost. “I will kill you before you touch him; do you understand?” he yelled.
The ghost laughed and the sound vibrated the ground. “so, you are going to stop me? I am going to kill him with pleasure for stepping into my domain and you are going to watch. After that, I would kill you too” with that, the ghost picked up a shinning sword and threw it.
“Nooooo….” Tolu and Tola yelled and Tolu raced there still yelling.
“Tolu…. Tolu….” Tola called.
Tola jumped out of the bed with his hands fisted in  a fighting stance. He looked around looking for something. “Where is he? Where is the ghost?”
“Ghost? Which ghost?” Tola asked, looking around.
“The ghost that threw a sword at you now… where is he?” He shivered, then looked round. “How did we get here?” he searched, checking under the bed.
“A sword at me? Why not you? You have been sleeping since, making funny noises. I just came back from Bola’s place now and met you vibrating. What was the dream about?”
Tolu’s eyes widened and he fell down, weeping and thanking God.
“Listen, I can hear about the dream later; let’s go and survey that building as planned. Every is asleep now”
“Building? God forbid bad thing. I am not going there. As a matter of fact, I am leaving this house tomorrow morning. This house is haunted. Aaaarrrrhhhhh… very haunted”.

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