GuestCrib: Blank Thoughts by @stanley_arinze

Hi guys,
happy monday to you all.
This week’s GuestCrib is featuring Stanley Arinze Agbo. Titled “Blank Thoughts”
Find him on twitter @stanley_arinze
And on Facebook:
Happy reading…

Now, where do we go from here 
I have been looking but it’s not yet clear 
But there is no need to panic or fear 
For what my mind speaks, I hear. 
But I still can’t define this moment 
It brought me pain and torment 
For it to pass like the previous moment 
I need to persevere and lay low like a culvert.

They say such moments give inspiration 
But so many things they failed to mention 
For the urge is too strong to be passion 
And you can do naught but succumb to temptation.

Many thoughts run through as I write this 
I have never imagined any moment like this 
Although I haven’t heard many say this 
I know I shall overcome this.

The End.


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