Clandestine – Episode 9

Hi guys, sorry for the late publishing of this week’s episode. Here it is, as promised. Enjoy.


Doubra stared at her wristwatch as she waited for Lola in the waiting room of the Hospital. Lola had insisted on getting a confirmation from the hospital regarding her pregnancy and so she dragged Doubra down with her. Doubra knew her working hours were over that day so she called in sick. Why was Lola taking longer than normal? Pregnancy tests usually would not take years…not like she had any personal experience, but she could bet that Lola must have been begging the Doctors to run the test over and over again if it turned positive. After satisfying herself with several instances and reasons, she was glad to see the door open and Lola walk out. Lola looked sad.
“Positive, eh?” Doubra asked.
Lola stared at her coldly. “I can’t have this baby.”
Doubra smiled sheepishly until the Nurse that approached them had walked past before turning to Lola with a frown. “You dey mad? What are you saying?”
“You heard me. My baby won’t be born without a father.” Lola replied and clutched her bag to her arm. “Let’s go.”
Doubra pulled her back. “Alex is his father. Or…her father, as the case may be.”
“You don’t get it, do you?” Lola started. “I am all alone.”
Doubra shook her head. “Madam, you are not all alone and you can’t start this drama now. Let us go home and talk to your Mom about it.”
“I don’t want her to know.” Lola replied and started approaching the exit.
Doubra walked with her. “Lola, do you think your Mom doesn’t know you have taken in?”
“There is no way she would know. I am only just noticing myself. The Doctor says I am three weeks gone.”
“Women always know these things, Lola. Maybe she is just being quiet, but I am sure she does.” Doubra replied with a smile. “But, Alex na sharp shooter o.”
Lola turned at her with a frown.
“I am sorry. I was just joking.” Doubra added with a grin. “But come to think of it, maybe Alex knew you would leave him, so he quickly planted a reminder.” She added and then laughed. “Lola, you can run but you can’t hide.” She added with a chuckle.
Lola took a deep breath. “I was the one who brought this upon myself.”
“How?” Doubra asked as she opened the car door.
Lola blinked. “Do you know that all this time Alex and I have tried to have a baby but nothing happened? Now, I decide to have revenge sex with him and validate myself as a woman for all his womanising ways, and boom, I am pregnant!”
“The Lord is good!” Doubra explained.
Lola scowled. “Are you mad?”
Doubra chuckled. “But seriously Lola, why are you angry over what should sound as good news? You have been trying and God decided to answer you with a sign that it is not the right time to leave your husband.”
“If you have nothing good to say, shut up.” Lola said as she started the ignition.
Doubra nodded. “Yes, ma.”
Lola pulled up near a tree as soon as she started driving.
“Do you want me to drive?” Doubra asked.
Lola blinked and then burst into tears. “What am I going to do, Doubra? What?”
Doubra took a deep breath as she watched her friend cry. She didn’t know if it would be appropriate to console Lola in this situation. Maybe Lola needed to cry after all. Some moments are just so hard that you need to let it out in tears.
“All I want is to be happy with the man I love. Is it so hard?” Lola yelled as she banged on the steering wheel. “I just wanted him to love me! Why did he have to cheat on me? How does he expect me to let it go? Am I ever going to believe him again? Am I?” Lola shouted as she wiped her tears. “Oh, what am I even saying? He divorced me already. He signed the papers as though he was in a hurry to go and meet with one of his numerous whores. What were they doing better than I was? Tell me, Doubra!!! Answer me!!! God!”
Doubra sighed as she watched Lola rant. This was Lola’s moment to ask all the questions and answer them all by herself.
Lola sniffed a little. “You know, I thought I was amazing in bed. I didn’t depend on him, we were a team, I love my job but I was always there to tend to him and my cooking skills are just great. I do everything right and maybe that’s just the problem. I should have been stupid. I should have been one of those tramps he ran after, maybe that my name should have been ‘dirty’. Do you know Alex slept with someone called ‘Dirty’?” Lola asked with tears in her eyes.
Doubra reached for Lola and hugged her tight. “It’s going to be alright.” She whispered. Lola’s tears intensified.
“No. I want Alex back. I want him back. I am going to do better this time.” Lola replied amidst muffled tears.
“Lola, you are an amazing woman and you deserve all the happiness in the world and you don’t need to cry about this.” Doubra said as she started to wipe Lola’s tears. “I am going to be here for you, every step of the way. I promise you.”
Lola stared at her. “Really? You’ll be here.”
Doubra nodded as she touched Lola’s cheek. “I’ll be right here, Lola. You won’t have to suffer at all.”
Lola chuckled and then started to laugh.
“What is funny?” Doubra asked, surprised by Lola’s sudden change.
Lola wore a smirk. “I am craving food.”
Doubra stared at her with some concern. “Craving food?”
“Haven’t you heard? Pregnant women tend to love food a lot.” Lola replied.
Doubra hissed. “Are you in pain at all?”
“I am pregnant and I am hungry.” Lola replied.
Doubra scoffed. “This is not real.”
“I know, but you said you are going to be here by my side, right? So, it is time for you to prove it.” Lola said.
Doubra hissed. “You are a joker.”
“I am serious.” Lola replied. “This is your first test.”
Doubra nodded. “Fine. I know a nice place around here. Give me the car keys, I’ll drive.”
Lola smiled. “Of course, darling.” She said and handed the keys to Doubra. She took a deep breath as Doubra stepped out of the car to change seats with her. Lola knew she was making an effort to be happy by trying to laugh, but she didn’t know if she was lifted…but there’s never been anything wrong with making efforts towards your own happiness.
Mr David stared at his wife. “So, what exactly are we looking for?”
“Pregnancy test strips. Don’t you know what they look like?” She asked.
He hissed. “How am I supposed to know? Do I use them? Besides, you are the one who came up with this theory that Lola might be pregnant.” He replied.
She took a seat by the side of the bed. “A mother knows these things.”
“Okay ma.” He replied and joined her by the bed. “I appreciate your motherly skills, but I am the one joining you in this search and so far, we have found nothing.”
She nodded. “Maybe she is hiding the strips so we won’t know she is pregnant.”
He laughed. “Lola is a big girl. She won’t hide that.”
“Why won’t she? She is not a married woman anymore. Do you think it is easy to be a single mother?” she asked.
He nodded. “I understand that it could be quite tough to raise a child alone, but I think we are just being unnecessarily suspicious. If Lola is pregnant, she would tell us. I think we should give her privacy. I even think we are wrong for coming into her room.”
“Stop thinking, my dear. We are not wrong. This is the right thing we are doing. If Lola is pregnant, then we are in trouble.”
“How?” he asked.
She frowned. “Do you know what people are going to say?”
“Why is that your only concern?” he asked.
She sighed. “Because we are always evasive of what actually starts the fire in any issue. And that is what people say.”
He nodded. “Now that we have established that fact, can we leave Lola’s room?”
“Yes, we can. But, I still think she is pregnant.” She replied.
He shrugged. “In that case, I am going to tell Alex.”
“What? Don’t do that!”
He stared at her. “Why not? He is the father of the baby and he should know that his wife is pregnant.”
“Ex-wife.” She replied.
He clenched his teeth. “Where do you stand on this matter? Reconciliation or separation? I think we should help these kids a lot more. Lola is very angry at him, but she is going to regret this decision for the rest of her life if she goes on without forgiving him.”
Mrs David blinked. “So, what are you suggesting? That we go ahead and tell Alex what we are not sure of?”
“No. I want you to stand with me as we help Lola rebuild her marriage instead of watching it fall apart without doing anything. Please.” He pleaded.
“And what if he cheats on her again?” She asked.
Mr David took a deep breath. “I…I don’t think this is a man who would make the same mistake again. You know when someone is sorry, don’t you?”
She looked away.
“Did you ever cheat on me…again?” he asked.
She blinked as she stared at him. “Why do you have to bring that up?”
“Maybe because it is something I need to say. Look at us, we lived through it. We are fine. You made a mistake and I was at fault, I was always away at battles and you were sorry, and we had Lola to fight for and we made it through.” He replied with a blink. “I love you so much and I would marry you over and over again…despite your grumpiness.” He added with a smile.
She nudged him slightly. “I don’t think any other woman would cope with how badly you snore in bed.”
He smiled. “I love you so much.”
“And I love you.” She replied with a smile.
He drew her close and pecked her forehead. “Let’s help Lola. Please.”
“Absolutely delicious.” Lola said as she licked her lower lip. “Pizza has never tasted any better.”
Doubra smiled as she ate a slice. “This is why you should make me your child’s godmother.” She replied mouthful.
Lola frowned. “That’s just disgusting.” She said at the sight. “Now I know why you are still single. You probably embarrass every guy who takes you ought on a date.”
Doubra swallowed. “And you who got married?”
Lola blinked. “If that was meant to make me feel sad, it didn’t work.”
“Anyway, your swipe at me worked.” Doubra replied. “Am I really that bad as a date?”
Lola shrugged. “I don’t know.” She replied. “I have been here with George before.”
“George? The George?” Doubra asked.
Lola nodded. “Yeah.”
“Wow! So, you hid that from me?” Doubra asked.
Lola smiled. “I didn’t actually hide the information from you. We have not just had the opportunity to talk about it.”
“I see…so give me the full gist. You guys talk now?” Doubra asked.
Lola shook her head. “No. We didn’t even exchange contact details.”
“Really?” Doubra asked. Lola nodded and then took another bite from the pizza. A smile lurked round Doubra’s face as she stared at the door. “Lola…” she called slowly.
Lola stared at her. “What is it?”
“Someone is saying hi.” Doubra replied.
Lola turned to see George. “Oh…you?”
“Yes…me.” He replied with a smile. “How are you?”
Doubra cleared her throat. “Hi.” She greeted.
George turned to her with a smile. “I am sorry. Hello. How are you doing?”
“Very well, thank you.” Doubra replied. “So, are you now stalking us…or better yet, are you stalking Lola?”
George smiled as he stared at Lola. “This is my spot. Maybe she is the one stalking me.” He replied.
Lola ran her finger through her hair. “Hope you have been fine, George?”
“Yes, I have.” He replied. He couldn’t take the smile he had off his face. He was glad he had run into her again…it was as though they were always going to keep running into each other without any real moment to call their own. Then, Lola pointed to a chair. He stared at her finger. EMPTY! Was he seeing things? She wasn’t wearing her ring!!! WHY???? He took his seat immediately with a smile. “Thank you.” He said.
Lola nodded. “You are welcome. Our Pizza is almost out.”
“And I don’t share.” Doubra jumped in.
George nodded. “I’ll just go and get us another one.” He said and walked away.
Doubra stared at Lola. “What is happening?”
“Are you asking me?”
Doubra nodded. “Of course! One mention of George and he shows up here. This beats my imagination.”
“That’s because you don’t think wild, my dear.” Lola replied with a smile.
“You are very stupid, hope you know?” Doubra said.
Lola nodded. “I am enjoying this. Maybe this is just a sign that I am meant to be with George. Have you thought of it?”
“No. And I think you should snap out of that dumb thought now, and quickly too.” Doubra replied. “Alex’s baby is in you.” She added.
George joined them. “So Ladies, what’s been going on in your lives? Lola? Anything new?”
Doubra cleared her throat. “Do I need to play catch up or do I think you are very ‘familiar’, George?
“Familiar?” he asked.
Doubra smiled. “I don’t mean to sound rude and I know it might sound rude, but I think you are flowing too well for someone that we are very good friends with.” She said. “I mean, we can adopt you as a new friend, or maybe a brother…what do you think, Lola?”
Lola threw her face away immediately.
George smiled. “Forgive my excitement. I…I just wanted to say hi.”
Doubra nodded. “Yes, and you have said it…and you even bought extra pizza.”
George blinked.
“George, please forgive my friend here.” Lola said intervening. “She is actually always never like that.”
Doubra chuckled. “But I was only joking.”
George smiled. “Oh well, that was some joke, right?”
“I meant no harm, George.” Doubra replied with a smile.
George nodded and rose to his feet. “I…I have to be on my way now.”
“Oh…really? Stay a while longer.” Doubra persuaded with a grin.
George smiled. “I have to be at a Children’s home. I volunteer there.”
Doubra chuckled as she rose to her feet. “I need to use the ladies. She said and walked away.
“You volunteer? Wow!” Lola said with a smile. “What are you? The Santa of our age?” she asked. “I mean…you already sing and now you volunteer? You are something else, you know?”
George smiled. “I can only try. Anyway, I have to run now. I’d love to see you again, Lola.”
Lola swallowed.  “Erm…I…”
George nodded. “You don’t have to give me your number. I am at clandestine bar tomorrow night. Please come.” He said. “Take care of yourself.” He added and walked out.
Lola took a deep breath and stared at Doubra as she approached.
“So…where is the venue for your new date?” Doubra asked, taking a seat.
Lola ignored her.
“What? Did he leave such an impression on you that you have gone mute?” she asked.
“I think you were pretty rude.” Lola replied.
“No! I think I was doing the right thing. You were allowing him to flirt with you! And you know these things never end well! One moment allowing his words mess with your heart and you become emotionally attached to him and detached from your husband.” Doubra replied.
“Ex-husband.” Lola replied.
Doubra stared at her. “Sorry?”
“Ex-husband. You called Alex my husband” Lola replied.
Doubra scoffed. “You are unbelievable!”
“Don’t start to turn this whole drama around and on me. I am not the one who cheated.” Lola said and picked her purse.
“And you are about to do the same!” Doubra said.
Lola cleared her throat. “I am no longer married. Let’s go.” She said and walked out.
“I give you one day of my normalcy and you have made my house your home.” Alex said as he watched Jude sprawled out on the sofa. “This is not funny.”
“You are very ungrateful, Alex Ojo.” Jude replied as he ate some meat. “I am here helping you to sketch out a plan on how to win your wife back and you can’t even be thankful and have me stay here.”
Alex stared at him. “And how has your big plan been of help to me? You have been here for twenty-four hours eating my food, sleeping in my house and watching my TV. I am tired.”
“This must be why Lola left you. You complain a lot. Twenty-four hours and you are already whining like a girl!” Jude said. “Look, consider this a mutual relationship…or better, symbiosis. You need me to come up with a plan for you to talk to Lola and I need you so I can eat without having to cook on my own.”
Alex hissed as he took a seat.
“So, what are we having for dinner?” Jude asked.
Alex ignored him. “How am I going to get Lola back? It is because of your stupid idea that I am still in this house. I would have gone to see her yesterday.”
“And get kicked out as usual. Be patient with me, brother. I am thinking.” Jude replied. “To be honest, the fact that both of you haven’t been to the notary to finalise this whole process means that there is hope.”
“The only reason why we haven’t gone to the notary yet is because I haven’t showed up, Jude.” Alex replied.
Jude sighed. “Bro, you are doing something right.”
“Don’t patronize me.” Alex said and looked away.
“So how many weeks gone are you?” Mrs David asked as she watched Lola adjust her gown.
Lola took a deep breath. “Mom, why do you believe I am pregnant? You asked about this yesterday when I got back and I already told you that I wasn’t.”
“And I told you I did not believe you, Lola. Just out with it already. I know a pregnant lady when I see one.” She replied.
Lola sighed. “Fine. Three weeks.”
Her mother nodded with a smile. “So, I believe you are going to see Alex, right?”
“No. I am going to Clandestine.” Lola replied.
Mrs David stared at her. “Clandestine? Why?”
“A friend of mine is singing tonight.” Lola replied and picked up her purse.
Mrs David stared at Lola. “The male singer?”
“Male singer?” Lola quizzed.
Mrs David nodded. “Your Father told me all about it.”
Lola sighed. “Mom, I don’t know what my ex-husband-”
Mrs David burst into an awkward laugh.
“Mom, what is funny?” Lola asked, concerned.
Mrs David stopped. “You are funny. Do you know how you sound saying ‘ex-husband’?” she asked.
“Mom, I don’t know what you are driving at, but, I am really late for this event and I have to go now. We would talk about this later.” Lola said as she opened the door.
Her mother followed as they walked downstairs.
“Where are you off to, Lola?” Mr David asked.
Lola stopped and stared at her father. “Clandestine Bar, Dad. I am running late too.” She replied. “I’ll see you later.” She added and hurried out.
Mr David stared at his wife. “Clandestine?”
“Lola is pregnant. She confirmed it.” Mrs David said. “And she is going to that place because of that singer you said Alex mentioned.”
Mr David took a deep breath and picked up his phone. “That girl.” He started as he punched some digits on his phone. “Excuse me, dear.” He said and looked away. “Hello…yes, I know you haven’t heard from me in a long time, but right now, you need to go to that Clandestine Bar this evening.” He said and hung up.
“Alex?” Mrs David asked.
Her Husband nodded. “It’s time to go after her.”


46 thoughts on “Clandestine – Episode 9

  1. No sin is unforgivable but some sins need to be paid for even if they have been forgiven.
    Tomi, pls ensure Alex work his socks off ooo, make sure he grows grey hair even in his armpit …..
    Love u muchos

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aldo I stil don’t understand y the female species believe they v 2 punish b4 they forgive…… U̶̲̥̅̊ stil gonna forgive?? So what’s the point of the punishment??


  3. errrm, Jude is just a pest. he still has effontery to be eating wen all ds is his fault. I Love Mr and Mrs David. can they pls tell Lola dre story. its easy to forgive, but i think its its harder to forget. Kudos Tomi. Episode was short tho.


  4. I don’t like this George guy at all… Alex made a mistake but no one is above mistake. Lola might regret this game she is playing because she might end up begging for Alex. Mr George, learn to give up.. chai

    Love u Tomi

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Tanx tomi,jus op lola wil 4giv alex thou its not easy,as 4 george don’t put asunder in ds love,go luk elsewher 4 ur wife*shikena*


  6. Alex is Sorry, wen sum1 says sorry, u gat 2 give dem a 2nd. Chance, lola easy with dis ur emotions oo. It seems lola is kindoff confused. She knws wat. She want, but she don’t want 2 make anoda mistakes. I pray dis tin don’t turn on her head thou. Tommy nice 1.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hmmm, Initial gra gra, I Love the way the story is turning out. I see Alex and Lola coming back. But that may be after after Alex has worked his a** out. Nobody will tell him to flee from temptation if he manages to get Lola back.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hmmm…lola u beta 4giv ur Ex b4 its too late cos men r dsame only 1dfft or d other n to find sum1 lyk alex …as 4 goerge i don’t blame/hate him, he’s doin it as any man out dia will.
    Thanks tomi n gud9t


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