“Impossible-in-Law” by @seunodukoya

Hi guys, how are you all doing?
Today, we can not present episode 9 of Clandestine but we promise you it is coming SOON.
In its stead, we present a short story which is titled “Impossible-in-Law” by Seun Odukoya who blogs at seunodukoya.com and you can follow him on twitter @seunodukoya
So… Here you go.


My father-in-law does not like me.
How do I know? Every time I show up at his house he starts throwing tantrums, being really loud one moment – and being incredibly silent the next. The man cannot be bothered to pretend.
He is driving me crazy. My wife isn’t bothered though.
My wife and her mother. They carry on like nothing is wrong – they act like it is every day a father-in-law screams the house down whenever the unfortunate or – depending on how you look at it – fortunate mumu who married his daughter shows up.
I complain to my parents – and moments later I’m wishing I didn’t. Mum rubs my back gently while father starts soliloquizing in Yoruba. I sigh. And gegely go home.
But it’s – I mean he has gotten worse lately. He’s started showing up at my house, making loud noises in the middle of the night and breaking things.
I complain to my wife. She smiles patiently and rubs my back. What did I expect?
What did I expect sef – after all; is she not her father’s daughter?
So I keep quiet and start to plan, to plot.
I start to scheme. Murder.
I am going to kill my father-in-law. I ask Google for help. Google; as you well know, has answers to all sorts of questions.
Except the one I asked: How do I kill a dead man?

If you are thinking that piece is superb, then you would definitely want to read his story #SavingDapo. It’s also on his blog. The Novel  comes on the 13th of December, 2014. You don’t wanna miss it. Here are some posters for it





Have fun… Keep crossed fingers against the release date.


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