GuestCrib: Mute Muse by @richardomolek

Hello everybody,
    This week’s Guest is Richard Omole K Engraced 
You can check him out on twitter at @richardomolek 
And also follow his blog at for more of his works.
Have fun reading Mute Muse.


One day; 
I found thee on my way, 
Lost in thoughts and actually away, 
Maybe you found me unaware, 
Crossed my path and showed you care, 
Gradually you offered a smile, 
Kind haven’t seen in a while, 
Not that observed from a mile, 
Not minding the inherent distance apart, 
Yourself you lend in a part, 
My foot rooted to the spot, 
Move further, I could not, 
So, I watched thy friendship drama, 
Never thought it could start in a such matter, 
Waiting for its end in a saga, 
All that stayed is the memory of thy smile, 
Moments of it keep lingering, 
Yet, seeking a time to dine, 
Triplets of successive session passing-by, 
Neither didn’t I have a dime, 
Nor hitting the nail was a crime, 
But, taking my time was the prime, 
Eyes meeting all the time, 
Not even a muse to kill the mute, 
Leaving all to fate to conclude, 
Fate finally took its decision, 
Having one on each end of the pole, 
Taken from fate; I’ve, 
Grace now taking its majestic turn, 

At the end; shall deny not, 
But shall heal all hurt… 

If you would like to be air your works on this blog, you can mail them to It has to be short fiction not less than 1000 words or poetry only.


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