Clandestine – Episode 4

Lola stepped hard on the brakes as she avoided crashing into a tree. She took a deep breath and thanked God in a second for sparing her life. She had been driving for the past three hours with no destination in mind. She just kept driving. She wanted to run away. She wanted to escape from the pain that had engulfed her soul. Her chest ached. She was hurting. Not many people could hurt her, but when she loved, she loved like a woman, and of course, she hurt like one. A hurt woman. She took a deep breath and finally allowed her tears flow. She had held back tears for months and held on to the belief that it was all a dream. She had hoped that for one reason or the other, her twitter informant had been wrong about Alex. She wished she had stepped up to Alex the first day she got the tip, but she didn’t want to hurt him. There was every tendency that her informant could be wrong, after all, she was a popular figure and most people would take interest in her personal life…and it wouldn’t be far-fetched for some to come up with very hurting lies. This, however, had turned out to be true. She had prayed silently, loudly and sometimes, out of words just to make it all go away…but some things would always hurt you. She had spent seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and eventually months pondering on where she had gone wrong…maybe nothing did last forever. Where did those good days go?
It could be very painful when you have to console yourself, hug yourself, kiss yourself, cry with you and eventually wipe your own tears…but when you are all you have got, you have to be there for you. She finally stopped crying and opened the door. She looked down and noticed she had a flat tyre. She cursed her luck. The flat tyre must have contributed to the swerving of her car off the main road. That had to be the issue. Yes, her car tyre might have been flat, but her mind was off the road the moment she started driving. She walked over to the trunk and fetched her jack and a spare tyre and proceeded to fixing it herself. It can’t be overstated that channelling your hurt and anger into work could be pretty therapeutic. The only problem is that when that work is over, you might have nowhere to turn…but till then, exhaust yourself.
“Female mechanic?”
She turned and stared at the probably six-foot man that imposed on her frame from behind. After one glance at him, she was done. She returned to lifting the car with the jack when the stranger placed his hand on hers. She yanked out of it furiously and turned to him in one instant. “What do you want?”
He smiled at her arrogance. He was taken aback by her. She was clearly not struggling with the car but she shouldn’t have to refuse help. “I just want to help.” He said.
“Why? Are you a mechanic?” Lola retorted.
He shook his head. “No, I was just around the corner and I noticed you…I mean, you are a female and I noticed you doing this and I decided to help.”
“I don’t need your help.” She replied and bent down to remove the tyre and replace it with the spare.
“Why are you so angry?” he asked.
Lola ignored him and continued with the tyre.
He bent beside her. “You don’t have to be so angry. You could be happy.”
Lola stared at her hand. Her wedding ring was no longer there. At that moment, she did regret taking off her ring, if she had known that she would meet someone bugging her, she would have loved to have the ring with her, so she could flash it in his face and say the cliché word, “Married…” But who cared about those things these days? After all, Alex did cheat on her as a married man.
The man wasn’t going to go away. He watched her screw the nuts to the tyre with so much skill. She definitely wasn’t the average lady. “How do you know how to do this?” he asked.
She stared at him. “I drive a car. It’s common sense.” She emphasized coldly.
“You don’t have to be so rude.” He said as he slowly got up. “I was just trying to make a conversation.” He said.
She swallowed. “I am not interested.”
“Clearly.” He replied. “But you can try to be nice to people, we all have our battles.” He replied.
Lola felt bad for a second but her pain had to be more than his. She didn’t know what to say to him so she just removed the jack from the car and rolled the tyre off to the trunk. He followed her to the trunk. “So what’s your story? Did you get fired from work?” he asked with a raised eyebrow and a cheesy smile.
Lola acknowledged his effort in her heart for one reason. He had not said the cliché “Did he hurt you?” that she would have expected from most guys who had tried to take a conversation a little further. She dumped the tyre and closed the trunk and stared at him. “I have no story to tell you.” She replied and returned to the driver’s seat.
He lingered around her car door as he watched her turn the ignition and drive off.
Alex watched Lola as she walked into the house with her head down. “I made dinner.” He said, hoping that would be enough to stop her in tracks. He rarely cooked but when he did, Lola was in more in love with him. She didn’t stop walking, she just left for the bedroom.
Alex hurried after her. “Lola, please say something. Say anything.”
She stayed quiet as she pulled his pyjamas from the wardrobe and handed him a suit. “Goodnight.” She said.
Alex took a deep breath and walked out of the bedroom with his clothes.
The best part of surprises is that they are unexpected…anyway, that’s why they are called surprises. He was going to make this one memorable. Alex pulled up at the seaport. He stepped out of the car in a hurry and opened her door. He knew he had to beat her to that. Lola didn’t mind opening her own door. He had gone out with many ladies who had commanded him to open their door as a sign of respect to a woman and he had obliged them, but that didn’t mean he gave them the respect. Lola had earned his respect from the first day and this day he made it a point of duty to beat her to opening the door tonight. This night was different. It was the most important night of his life and he hoped and prayed that it would mean the most important night of their lives.
Lola was worried. He had hurried to open her door before she could take off her seat belts. He was acting a little more like the conventional guy and that worried her, this wasn’t Alex. Actually, it was him, but just an excited one. She took his hand as he stretched them before her and led her out of the car. “Nice spot for dinner.” She said as she stared at the ships that stood in the dark waters. “Which bank did you have to rob to afford this place?” she asked.
“It’s my life savings.” Alex replied with a grin.
Lola smiled. “That leaves you a broke man.”
“Well, you’ll marry me a broke man.”
Lola laughed. “I can’t get married to you.”
Alex’s heart stopped for a second. Was she serious? He stared at her with the fakest smile he could muster amidst his fear or rejection. This would be a wise time to turn back…and prevent an epic turn down.
With the remaining courage in him, he took her hand to the sundeck of a beautiful ship. The decorators he had contracted had done a better job than he had envisaged.
“Wow!” Lola said as she climbed up to the sundeck. “This is beautiful.” She said as she revelled in the beauty of the atmosphere. The stars in the sky did make it a more perfect scenery as they lay in their impeccable light and beauty. “I’d understand if you are broke.” She said with a smile as Alex pulled her chair backward. “Thank you.”
Alex took his seat opposite her and prayed in his heart that he’d say everything right. He had rehearsed with Jude at home and his pal had made fun of him and promised him that he’d flop while proposing to her. The waiter joined them almost immediately they settled into their seats and took their orders and then hurried away.
“What are you doing, Alex?” Lola asked.
He took a deep breath. This was his moment. “I am treating you to fine dinner. Exquisite stuff.”
She nodded with a smile. “I can see that.”
“Every girl deserves to be a princess, and you deserve all that and more.” Alex started. Lola nodded slowly with an awkward smile as he continued. “Now, most importantly, every man who aspires to be a King needs his Queen and I want to be a King…maybe not the traditional King that everyone knows, but you know what I mean and I need you by my side, Lola. I want you to make me a proud man. Forever is a long time and I want to spend it by your side.” He said.
By this time, Lola was attentive and her heart thumped faster than it ever had. It was getting serious and pretty intense.
Alex got on one knee and lifted the Tiffany box before her, “Omolola Danielle David, would you please marry me?”
Lola was stoned. Alex looked assured and at the same time scared. She could see it in his eyes. She meant everything to him. She knew it. This was real. She was home.
Lola always wondered why most ladies did shed a tear when they got proposed to, but tonight it was evident. You could either be stunned by the diamond on your ring that your eyes would hurt so much and a tear drop might fall or you could be swooned by the fact that you actually own two hearts – yours and his. And yes, tear drops rolled down her eyes. “Yes, Alex.”
“You’ll marry me?” Alex asked with his eyes popped out.
Lola nodded with a smile. “I’ll marry you over and over again, Alexander.” She said.
He slipped the ring onto her finger and pulled her close for a kiss.
Lola strolled into the living room. Alex stared at her. “Good morning.” She said.
“I made breakfast.” Alex replied.
Lola sighed. “Alex, you are late for work.”
“What do you care?” he asked.
“Reverse psychology won’t work on me, Alex.” She replied as she searched through the key rack for her car keys.
Alex took a deep breath. “Lola, I can’t go to work in this state. I was a mess at work yesterday and I really want us to talk about this.”
“Alex, where are my keys?” she asked.
He blinked and stayed quiet.
“Alex, give me my car keys.” She said.
“I was trying to talk to you yesterday and you just walked out on me, you can’t do that to me today.” He replied.
Lola sighed. “Alex, I just want you to sign my divorce papers. Is that too much to ask?”
He nodded. “It is too much to ask, Lola. I am not giving up on us.”
“There is no us, Alex.” She shouted through clenched teeth. “You threw it all away and I want to be in peace. Can I at least have that?” she asked.
Alex walked up to her and knelt down. “Lola, please give me a chance to fight for us. Please. I am sorry.”
“I don’t know.” Lola replied as she looked away.
He blinked. “Tomorrow is Thursday, I want to take you to Clandestine.”
Lola stared at him. She loved that bar. It held a lot of special memories for her.
Alex took her hand. “Lola, please. Tomorrow night. I’ll come home from work and I’ll take you there.”
“No.” she replied.
He blinked.
“If I’ll come. I’ll meet you there.” She replied.
He nodded. “That’s fine by me.” He replied.
“Can I have my keys?” she asked.
He pulled out the keys from his pocket and gave them to her. “Lola, I am sorry.”
“Don’t apologize to me anymore, Alex. I am tired of hearing it.” She said amidst the tears she tried to hold back. “You-don’t-hurt-those-you-love.” Alex took her hand. She said as tears rolled down her eyes and she hurried out of the house.
“What’s up, bro?” Jude asked as he walked into Alex’s office.
Alex ignored Jude as he focused on his laptop.
“Come on, man. I already said I was sorry.” Jude said with a smile. “Guy, you enjoyed this thing o! I don’t know why you dey vex for me!”
Alex remained silent.
“Okay. Any luck with her?”
Alex closed the laptop. “What do you want?”
“Alex, you are my guy. Why you dey do like this na? Because of a woman?”
Alex took a deep breath. “Lola is my wife. Lola is my life. Get it!”
Jude nodded. “But why hasn’t she forgiven you? I mean…this hot love you guys have…she should have forgiven you by now.”
“Get out of my office.” Alex replied.
Jude sighed. “Look man, I am saying it so spite you or her, I am just being honest. This is why I never got married, I can’t be tied down.”
“You can’t be responsible. That’s your issue.” Alex replied and walked over to the door.
Jude chuckled. “And you are the responsible guy? Dude, as a married man, you have scored well.”
“You might leave now. I have work to do.” Alex said.
Jude remained on his seat. “I am not going anywhere. Sit down and let’s talk about this.” He said in defiance.
Alex clenched his teeth and shut the door.
“Bro, you have got to stop acting like this with me. I am doing everything I can to support you.”
“Maybe I don’t need your support anymore. You have done me more harm than good.” Alex said.
Jude turned in his direction. “Alex, I want you to get back with your wife. I also want you to understand that you have some fault in this matter.”
“I understand. But, if I want to thread on the right path, some things have to change from now…and you are one of them.”
Jude sighed. “So you are cutting me off? Just like that?”
“I haven’t said anything yet…but it is a possibility.” Alex replied. “I don’t want to ever stray again.”
“Address your own personal issues.” Jude replied as he rose to his feet.
The door opened and Mr Idahosa walked in. “There is a good chance for you to redeem your image and that of this bank, Mr Alex. I got us into an impromptu pitch and it starts in two hours.” He started. “This is your opportunity, if you mess it up, you are out!” he added. He then turned to Jude. “Prepare the pitch book. We don’t have time to waste. Let’s go make this money.” He added.
Alex pulled his sleeves back to check the time as Mr Idahosa made his exit from the office.
Jude turned towards him. “You can’t get rid of me easily, bro. We have to work this pitch together.” He said and walked out of the office.
Alex took a deep breath and returned to his chair.
Doubra joined Lola at her desk as she walked into her office. “Hey! You missed lunch, where were you?”
Lola stared at Doubra’s empty hand. “Did you get me anything from lunch?”
“Actually, no.” Doubra replied.
Lola shrugged. “See…it doesn’t matter.”
Doubra sighed. “Are you trying to guilt trip me? It’s not working.”
Lola smiled. “I had to finish some work so I decided to skip lunch.”
“Hmm…I see. Anyway, I have a question. I hope it doesn’t sound spooky.” Doubra started as she pulled a seat. “Where is your wedding ring?”
Lola relaxed in her chair. “I am not wearing it.”
“Lola, I am your friend, right? Why don’t you tell me what’s going on? You can’t keep bottling everything up and expecting answers to come for you.”
Lola smiled faintly. “Doubra, you are exaggerating the matter. This is just me not wearing my ring.”
“Newly wedded females don’t just not wear their wedding rings for two days consecutively.” Her friend replied with a smile. “Whenever you are ready to talk, you can talk to me.” She added and picked up a file from the table. “This is the file for the case we are working on, right?”
Lola nodded. “Yes.”
Doubra flipped through the file briskly. “Alright then. I’ll complete my own part in it, and I advise that you talk to me when you are ready to.”
Lola smiled. “I am fine, Doubra.”
“No one is ever really fine.” She replied.
Lola sat up. “Doubra, I am fine.”
“Whatever makes you happy.” She replied. “How’s Alex?”
Lola stared at her. “Alex is okay.”
“Good. You guys look good together.” She replied and walked out.
Alex stared at his wristwatch as sipped his drink. Lola had told him that she might come and he hoped that she would. It wasn’t time for music yet and so he was still optimistic that she’d show up before the music performances started.
He kept turning his head over at the  opening of the main door to disappointments and sighs…maybe she wasn’t coming after all. But then, he was still optimistic. He dialled Lola’s phone but it kept going into her voice mail. It was time to leave, but he had made up his mind that he was going to stay till the end…if she showed up, fine. If she didn’t, he knew he deserved the treatments he had been receiving from her lately.
He took off his jacket and relaxed as the moderator announced that the musicals would start in the next couple of minutes. He would try to listen to the sound today and maybe he’d see what actually fascinated Lola in listening to music. He listened to songs, but she was astute with them. She knew how to listen.
Lola came. Alex almost sprang to his feet to receive her. “Hi. Hi. Erm…you came.” He said with a smile.
Lola smiled faintly as she took her seat. “Sorry I kept you late.”
“It’s fine…it’s fine. They are just about to start the first song. Fruit punch is good, right?” he asked.
She nodded.
Alex hurried to get the punch almost immediately and returned to her in a flash. “Here you go.” He said as he placed the glass on the table.
“Thank you.” Lola said.
He smiled. He was making progress.
“My name is George. This song is titled “SHE”. I ran into this gorgeous lady some days ago while she fixed her car tyre and she totally inspired this song in my heart. I have not seen her since then, but, I’ll always have this song for her.” The vocalist said and then strung his guitar.
Lola lifted her head to the podium. She knew him. He was the guy she was rude to while changing her tyre some days ago. Lola focused her gaze on him as he sang with so much depth and passion. Everything he said could be traced to her. Her eyes. Her sorrow. Her pain. All what he had perceived from a distance, he had carefully scripted it into words and into a song. It was beautiful.
Alex stared at Lola. She was lost. She was obviously happy where she was. Maybe he could bring her here every day and maybe that would make her happier and just forgive him. Just maybe.
Finally George stopped singing and smiled. “She is here.” He said as he stared at Lola.
The audience cheered…except Lola.
Alex stared at Lola. “Lola?” No response. He stared at her eyes which were fixed on George. He then turned towards him. George was smiling. He was smiling at Lola and Alex knew it.
Lola was SHE.


68 thoughts on “Clandestine – Episode 4

  1. Haaaa, Ayooluwatomi Adesina….please stop this erepa, I don’t like the feeling i’m getting o, please i’m begging you, Lola can’t leave Alex o, please please please, I love them together


  2. AAA says:

    Oh oh…now this is starting to take on a new twist. I just hope she hasn’t started falling for that guy with the “SHE” song. Nice work Tomi!


  3. sekinatthomas says:

    Hmmmm! A love triangle? Woow am so blown by george and his song, wish I knew the actual words he was singing to “SHE”. Kudos tommy


  4. Hahahahahaha.,. A long laff from me cos I wasn’t expecting such turn… Nyc one now Lola has to decide if she wnts to still keep her marriage or start allover wif a dift person n Alexandra now has a competitor … Chai Tomi !!


  5. Olajumoke says:

    Really, u don’t value what you have until u are either on d verge of loosing it or u have lost it completely. Weldone Miss


  6. Tobbie says:

    This is why I love Tomi Adesina
    ……George, just step up the game, make Alex feel miserable and win Lola ova n u u av all of me..,


  7. Hmm. Tomi once said she loves d name George, and now she is using him as a muse, hope she won’t favor him here and make him take Lola away from Alex.. Abeg na, av mercy on Alex, his apologies seems real biko


  8. joeyjay1 says:

    Hmmmm I knew another guy was going to turn up didn’t expect to see him soon. Anyways the writer is setting the stage for a great battle like the one between Naruto and sasuke. The ball is in Lola court now. Well done Tomi


  9. Jesutomilayo says:

    Tomi oooo. pls forget about d love u have for d name ‘George’ n pardon Alex. Pretty please!!! Love d twist though, wasn’t expecting it yet…… Thumbs up


  10. Oluwatayo says:

    I love this!!!.. this is really wonderful!.. I hope “she” won’t leave Alex..please give us another episode this week *pleading *…:*-


  11. lanre says:

    I mean these going to be the clash of titans,for i see Lola is music person,and that to George’s advantage but nontheless
    sis tomi will tell us more…but my advice to lola is the devil you know is better than unknown angel!


  12. Came here today forgetting it’s not yet thursday. This story hold me for ransom. #teamlolex all the way….Tomi can you please mail me the rest of the story, promise I won’t show it to anyone


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