Clandestine – The Intro

Hi guys, here is the intro for the new series “Clandestine”.
Happy reading.

Alex was asleep, but he knew something wasn’t right. You know those times when you are asleep but you are disturbed because you know you shouldn’t be sleeping but you can’t stop sleeping? That’s how Alex felt. Could it be the thought of the Lagos Monday Morning traffic? Or the fear of his boss? Something bugged Alex in his sleep. He felt the urge to wake up, but the beauty of good sleep couldn’t be undermined. Why he hadn’t jumped up despite the burden in his mind was still insignificant to him as he wandered in dream land.
One touch from the body that lay close to him and he rolled off the bed to the floor, and with that, his romance with the bed was over and a painful groan followed…then hefty spluttering. He had fallen face down on his used condom. He picked himself up feeling very irritated with the recent happening and then the next thing that followed worsened his mood. His companion chuckled. Was it funny? He didn’t think it was, but apparently it was funny to her. He rubbed his eyes and wondered who she was for the next second. “Jennifer?” he asked.
“Tricia, you moron.” She replied angrily. Not that she had expected much from him. Most the guys that had passed the night with her didn’t care to ask her name. They just went on to negotiate. But Alex was different, he had asked for her name…and forgotten it too. How was that different?
Alex picked his steps as he made his way to the bathroom amidst the bottles, cigarettes, underwears and contraceptives that littered the floor. He could hear her snickering at his movement but he couldn’t care less. He wondered how he could have slept with someone so dirty. But damn, the sex was good.
“Don’t you clean this place?” he shouted from the bathroom as he looked through the filthy bathroom.
Tricia lit her cigarette and chuckled. “What do you f*cking care?” she asked. “Take a shower and get out!”
Alex stared at the bathroom and shook his head in disgust. ‘Half bread is better than none’. ‘When you are in Rome, behave like a Roman’. Alex started consoling himself with several throttles as he ran the water over his body from the rusty sprinkle of the shower. He did good not to open his mouth at all.
“Oyinbo!” Tricia cooed as Alex approached from the bathroom with a small towel dangling around his waist. She smiled at this. “I last washed it four months ago.”
“I am not surprised.” Alex replied as he picked his wristwatch from the table and screamed. “Why didn’t you wake me? Oh my God!” he exclaimed as he grabbed his shirt and pants and tugged into them in a hurry.
Tricia yawned and pulled the bed sheets over her. “You didn’t look like you wanted to be disturbed.”
“There goes your money!” He retorted as he grabbed his shoes.
“You won’t dare!” Tricia said as she rattled his car keys.
Alex sighed and fetched some money from his wallet and hurled it at her. She picked the money from the bed and counted properly before tossing the keys at him. “Here you go!”
“You are the devil.” He said as he hurried towards the door.
Tricia stared at him with a smile. “Alex!”
He turned to her. “What do you want?”
She hurled something at him. He didn’t see what it was, but he did well to catch properly. He then opened his palm and stared at his wedding ring.
“Have a nice day.” She said with a wicked grin.
Alex shut the door with fury and hurried downstairs to his car.


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