Beautiful Stranger – Episode 14

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I turned off the engine as I pulled up under a big tree. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car to take a walk. The vacation had turned out to be longer than forever. We had lived more than a week. I know I am supposed to be excited about Toni seeing a month since the proposed one week, and I am, but I am also worried. I don’t know if getting my hopes up would be appropriate. I have spent the last one month watching Toni sleep and wake up. I have also spent it on my knees praying that she should see the next day and not just leave me. We have all kept vigils around her bed hoping that she didn’t give up anytime soon, and she really is giving it a fight. It looks like she’ll be staying. I can’t help but smile at the thought that she might actually be here with me.

“Hey, man!”

It took a tap from Emeka to bring me back to reality. I turned at him with a frown from the effect of the tap. “What is it?” I asked.

“I saw you pull up and I decided to join you, and now I find you smiling to yourself. Is everything okay?” he asked.

I nodded. “It couldn’t be any better.”

“Great.” He replied and walked by my side.

I stared at him. “Emeka, it’s a month today. Toni is still alive.”

Emeka smiled. “Man, I understand your joy.”

“I don’t think you do, this is beyond joy. This is like a miracle.” I said. “One month and counting. She is still here.”

He nodded as he stared at me. “I know.”

Emeka was silent. I sighed as I stared at him. “Am I wrong to get my hopes up?”

“No, I think it is fine. I think we are right to stay optimistic.” Emeka replied.

I smiled. “I am going to ask her to marry me.”


I nodded. “I think it’s the right thing to do. When two people love each other, they should be together.”

Emeka took a deep breath. “Jerry, I don’t think you do this right now. Do you have an idea what the proposal might do?”

“She would accept it. I know.” I replied.

Emeka took a deep breath. “Toni won’t want to marry you.”

“Why are you so sure?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I am not sure. But, I just know she won’t want to do that to you.”

“What are you trying to say?” I asked.

Emeka stared at him. “Jerry, you know better. Don’t do this to you…and to her.”

“Do what?!” I shouted.

“What hopes are you trying to give her? Toni is living every day so positively that we can’t see the traces, but they are there. Don’t weigh her down by presenting a ring now. She doesn’t need it.” He replied.

I swallowed painfully.

“I am sorry if I came off harsh.” He said. “You don’t need this now, enjoy the days.” He added.

“Well, you just ruined my day.” I replied and walked away.



I don’t know what I am doing in a very unfamiliar environment. I am at the back pew in a church and staring at the altar. Toni thinks I should talk to God and she wants me to do it for me. I don’t even know where to start or what to say to Him. All I know is I am really thankful for this last one month. I just thought I had a week more to spend with my sister, but I have enjoyed a lengthier period and I am thankful to God for it. Toni might not know this, but I am glad God has given her more to write about in her book.

I took a deep breath and approached the altar. I have nothing else to do than to give thanks to God for what I had, what I have and what I hope to still have. Toni has been more than a sister to me, she has been a gift. One I’d forever be thankful to have had.

“We have to go.” James called from the back.

I turned and stared at him. “Why?”

“Toni is alone.” He replied. “She shouldn’t be left alone for a minute.”

I nodded. “Give me one minute.” I replied.

James walked out.

“Thank you, Lord, for sending James my way.” I said.




What would I love to do before I die? I guess I have done a lot of that already. Most of all, I have only cared about one thing after my purpose on earth is fulfilled, and that is, making Heaven. What would life be if I didn’t get to meet God after all? Meeting God would be amazing, I would like to ask him what I am still doing in Obudu three weeks after the Doctors say I would be gone? Isn’t it just amazing? One week was the set time and I am still here. It is true that God is not a respecter of any man.

I loved being here. It was fun while it lasted.

Till we meet again,



With that, I slipped into the bed and drew the blanket over me. A lot seemed to have changed in the last one month. I felt the necessary strength and courage to go through each day.

‘They say you know when your day comes’ I don’t know why, but every passing day in the last one month seemed like a date with Heaven, but yet, it didn’t come. Maybe today seemed more like the day.

I took a deep breath and rolled over to my right. I stared into my mirror. Surely, I have seen a lovelier Toni than who I see now, but then, I have never seen a more ready Toni than the one I see today. It has to be today.

The door opened and Nora walked in. “Hey.”

“Hi.” She replied and joined me on the bed. “How are you feeling?”

I took a deep breath. “I don’t feel at home anymore.”

Nora nodded. “I understand.” She said. “I went to Church today.” She added.

I smiled. “Thank God.”

“Toni, I love you so much and there is nothing that could ever change that.” She said.

I chuckled. “Of course, it’s not like you have a choice.”

Nora blinked. “Toni, when you see Jesus, tell Him I am grateful.”

“Of course.” I replied and pulled her close for a hug. “I’ll tell him just that.”

Nora smiled. “What about Jerry?”

“You’ll take care of him for me.” I replied. “I am sure he would find someone beautiful too.”

Nora broke down in tears. “Toni.” She muffled amidst tears. “Toni.”

The door opened and Jerry stood by the door.

She nodded as she pulled away. “I love you.” She said and kissed my forehead. She turned in Jerry’s direction. “Hello.”

“Hey.” Jerry replied with a faint smile.

Nora hugged Jerry and shut the door after him.

Jerry took a deep breath as he walked over to me. “Hey, Stranger.”

“Hello.” I replied with a faint smile.

He took his seat beside me. “How did it go?”

“I am done.”

He took a deep breath. “So, what’s next?”

“I have sent it to the editor and from there, they’ll take care of the rest.” I replied.

He drew me close and hugged me. “How are you?” Jerry asked.

I stared at him. “Ready.”

“Are…Are you saying-”

I shrugged. “Maybe.”

Jerry blinked as a tear drop rolled down his eye. “Don’t do this.”

I raised a finger and wiped the tear from his eye. “I love you, Jerry.”

“And I love you, Toni.” He replied and hugged me tight…till I knew I was truly done.




“Toni was a really special woman and we are here to celebrate her. Her lovely and only Novel titled “I WAS HERE” is officially launched today.” Nora announced over the microphone. “As earlier announced, Doctor Jerry and I would be signing the autographs on behalf of the Late Toni in the next forty-five minutes down the hall. Thank you all for coming.” Nora said and descended the podium.

The hall roared with applause.

I smiled from a corner of the room as I watched Nora leave the podium.

James joined me from the right with a drink. “Isn’t she lovely?” he asked.

“She is. Nora is my sister, you can’t mess with her.” I replied.

Emeka joined us. “Are you set for the interview? The press is here.”

“Almost ready.” I said

He nodded and hurried back to meet the press. James tapped me. “I’ll go and help him out. Later, man.”

Yes, I assumed the role of being Nora’s brother and friend, just as Toni wanted it. James was really going to make her happy and I knew it. They were in love.

Toni was everything for me and the last six months have been painful for me. It’s as though I have had a portion of my life taken from me, but every little moment we had together was enough for me to hang on to. The last months have all been about thinking, shedding a tear for the pain but I hang on to the hope that someday I’ll wake up and it won’t have to hurt so much. That, I know.

Toni came into my life and gave meaning to everything that had no meaning. It was all in the little things she did. My gift from God was Toni and I could not question that.

I know I’d find love in another woman someday, Maybe not today or tomorrow or the next, but I know I will.

I turned to the wall and stared at the giant portrait of Toni that stood there and smiled.

I love her.



“To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die” – Thomas Campbell




189 thoughts on “Beautiful Stranger – Episode 14

  1. hmmmmm, really touching a story from the Heart. Jerry as all he ever wanted a family, Nora is fine with James Emeka is fiine and tomi is singing hallelujah in Heaven. God Bless u tomi keep it up God is ur strength.


  2. “He shall keep in perfect peace the soul that trusts in Him” Great job amiga. A beautiful end to a beautiful stranger….


  3. Ohhhh! Dis is such a touching story. And am so glad Toni gave her life to Christ before she died.James will surely find love. Tomi kudos to u,,more grace abd wisdom.


  4. wat a fiction. if is this was real life story, why will Toni have to die? Tomi keep the good working going. i hv read all ur books on okada ebook. u really inspired my life and love life.


  5. To me, This story is d best memory I’ll ever cherish.

    It reminds me more of my only biological who died of d sme plight wt TONI’s in ds story. Doctors diagnosed dt he’ll die b4 he clocked 20years bt he lived 5years more and died n hs birthmnth after celeberatng his 25th bday.
    He died while n a coma after undergoing surgery to extract d tumour.
    He ws a genius who lived a fulfiillng life and whose testimny is always n d mouths of people.
    He departed ds planet on d 27th of April,2014 @ LUTH.

    Couldn’t help bt always look 4ward to when d next epi will be posted when I strt reading this.

    God bless yu for ds great story Tomi Adesina. Yu’r a blessing to ds generation.


  6. I saw much love dis story,starting frm d beggining 2 d end.Tomi,more grace to ur pen.God will continue 2 bless u.


  7. Well done tomi, I rily enjoyed dis story. It reminded me dats its nt abt ow long we live bt ow well we live. N I love d quote @ d end esp. God bless u


  8. [Sobbing] Well… not the happy happy ending I anticipated, but I think it ended great. “The aim is never to live forever, we’ll die anyway. It’s about the legacy we live behind when we’re gone”. Nice work Tomi. More ink to your Pen.


  9. Hmmmmm,…what a story, what a writer and what an ending. Tomi sincerely ur level of creativity is celestial, it is beyond the physical. Am sooooooo touch i must confess. U r one of those Nigeria’s unsung heroes who wil b announced by God soon. And as for me…i bless God for bringing u my way. Tomi u r indeed my most cherished BEAUTIFUL STRANGER! Weldone,..cheers.


  10. I just get to read d remaining episodes, having been out of touch with social media for a while…though, it made me so sad, but I do love dis write-up like crazy…thanks Tomi for sharing dis wonderful Piece…


  11. Well… It seem too real for me 2 fink itz just fiction… U cnt imagine wot dis story has done to me… I’m speechless.. Lemme just manage 2say I’m a changed person now, and I just learnt 2 see life from an optimistic view… God enrich ur knowlegde Tomi…. Keep it coming!


  12. Oh M̶̲̥̣̣̥̅γ God full of emotions n feeling….God bless u plenty…av cried M̶̲̥̣̣̥̅γ eyes out dont mind am tooo emotional wish miracle happened n cancer diseppear n Toni was

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Tommy u re d best. The lord will continually grant you wisdom to continue this gud work. Its not all about us but we should always remember God as we pass through through life.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. hmmmmm, wat can I say?every single day is a gift from God.”and she died” I cried thru most of d episodes but it’s all good. Tomi Adesina, I am ur newest fan and m proud to av stumbled on ur work. God bless ur pen and ur intellect


  15. Hmmmmmmmmmm……i yaf finish crying my eyes out.(sniffs)….good job well done.(sniffs)…everyday of our lives counts…thank you Toni.nd i thank God for dis kinda gift he bestowed upon you…(i am nt sniffin again…;(…)…hmmmmmm


  16. OMG!!!dis is mind blowing!I love every bit of d story.yes,we lost our lovely Toni,n we take it in good faith.good work Tomi.God bless ur intellect more n more.


  17. Hummmmmmmm! The best part is Toni made HEAVEN, Nora retrace her way with the LORD! Jerry confidence is back and he is more successful now. Happy married life to James and Nora in Advance. Emeka is a good friend! Tomi sincerely u’ar my Hero! Kudos dear! Greater height 4 u in Jesus name!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. May God continually replenish where this story is coming from, this is a masterpiece. Please you should consider writing for films, A lot of life’s are waiting to be touched by you. Thank you for this piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Touching story Tomi. I lost my mom to cancer 14 yrs ago and I still cry….I stumbled upon your story on Thursday and I’ve completed three of them already. Great work…great skill…lovely heart. Well done!


  20. I read with tears flowing down my cheek.we can’t question God on somethings, but while we have them let’s make it count.thanks so much tomi. U are indeed a blessing.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. This is a very beautiful story. We can never understand what God allows to happen but, it’s only in Him we can find peace. God bless you Tomi, you did a great job with this one.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Wow! I just found this site and I took time to read the story at a strech. I really felt like crying (I actually did after a long while of feeling the pain and sorrow)cos I av also seen my dad fight this monster called cancer and like Toni God gave him eternal rest eventually. But never mind, I don’t even feel I am fatherless cos God has proved to me beyond every reasonable doubt that HE IS THE FATHER OF THE FATHERLESS and that I see everyday. I am actually going to read every story ever posted on this site cos I see a good expression of love, life and hope in them all. Thumbs up Tomi!


  23. God bless the works of your hand Tomi. I cant stop the tears flowing. Heaven will increase you on all sides. God will anouce your name all over the world. Your ink shall never run dry and above all, we will all make Heaven In Jesus name.


  24. Wonderful fiction! How I wish Toni did not die and get to marry Jerry. All the same, it was a life well spent as she left a good legacy (was able to win Jerry and Nora to God). Keep up the good work Tomi and may God continue to increase you on every sides.


  25. An interesting story. Appreciate how it ended, life is about wining some and losing some although most times we yearn to always win. Keep up the good work.


  26. whao!all of ur stories i have read gave me d ‘whao’ effect.but dis one….. is sometin left me speechless.
    one intriguing quality of a writer which u possess is d ability to beat ur reader’s imagination,plotting ur story in a way d reader doesnt expect:good use of suspense.u deserve a standing ovation.
    i thought toni will make it which will giv people wit similar condition aunt is a suvivor.she had cancer 5yrs ago nd conquered it .all the same,u’ve done a beautiful job.kip it up.


  27. Saved my comments till the end. I loved every bit of it…did learn something extra today. New words and yes…new lessons. Someone once told me stories needed to inspire people and this one sure did…in a different way. Good job girl…


  28. Saved my comments till the end. I loved every bit of it….did learn a lot. New words and most importantly, new lessons. Someone once told me stories needed to inspire people and this one sure did. Good job girl…


  29. Tomi, you know what I love most about this book, it’s the fact that it’s the reality, no fairytale ending, and one thing i’ve learnt from the book is live life to the fullest, no procrastination,
    be happy, no one deserves your tears. Also, as you hope for the best; prepare for the worst.


  30. Such a tragicomedy, I really learnt a lot from your story,you are such a miracle to me because I don’t believe in love but you change my instincts and bless you for that……you are such a wow…..
    And for the story,you’re a great writer,and it inspired me to be good in everything and never let anything weigh you down…
    Promise to read more stories


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