The Night that changed everything between Omololu and Ijeoma!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a conversation regarding this Episode on twitter and facebook.

“If you were Omololu, Can you forgive Ijeoma?” and If you can, Please defend Ijeoma

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Tomi Adesina @tomi_adesina


5 thoughts on “THE CONVERSATION

  1. Seriously,judging from the part of the story that we've had,ijeoma is damn mean and unfair! And if i were molulu,i'l only forgive her if God himself told me to.. Maybe i'l change my views as the story goes on…nice work Tomi!!


  2. Dat is wat money does,he has evry right to be angry,but offense makes our heart bleeds and gives room for satan 2 come into our lives and make it worse,she was mean yes,but he has to forgive,so dat he wont be into d hands of a viper 'olivia'


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