Important information

Hello everyone! July 18 (Thursday) is my birthday, so, you can bet it has to be a bonus!

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9 thoughts on “Important information

  1. Tomi but july 18 is next week na, episode 20 is too juicy to wait for episode 21 nextweek. I know you know the likes of me will disturb you for more after episode 20 that's why you quicky said nextweek will be a bonus. No Tomi, me o i want the bonus this week and am sure others too want it this week, do pre-birthday bonus na plssssssssssssss. You know I love you


  2. I support lade with all my capacity. Please tomi I too have been thinking about this Thursday birthday haven't you heard of a week long event so that we can celebrate your your day with you. I mean let's start it on Sunday with episode 21 and by Thursday we will already be in episode 25……… Sounds good sebi?


  3. Have the two of you (Lade and Gbemisola) been hit by a shotgun before? If not here's my birthday gift to you both! (ง'̀⌣'́)︻╦╤─ -¤ -¤ -¤ From Tomi and Bolu Coker, with love!


  4. This is so not fair…..I wait anxiously for thursday's to come. Can u pls give us a pre birthday gift??? Thank you


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