Hi guys,
Sorry for the delay today. Please i crave your indulgence as i would be taking a short break, very short. I am preparing for my first semester examinations. Thanks for understanding.

I will keep you posted through my twitter account at so kindly follow me so as to get the latest information on when Episode 19 would be out.

Thanks for your understanding.

Tomi Adesina


8 thoughts on “IMPORTANT INFO….DO READ!

  1. Hey there, I just got to know of your blog through one of your readers who says she is your friend, and that you needed your blog publicized. I want to ask, can I reblog your stories, and leave a link that redirects to your blog and twitter account, or I should just add your blog to my blog list, cos I know some people do not want their stories on other blogs. But what ever you say, I will be checking back to see your reply on here. I have two blogs, and can help drive some traffic to your by putting up your stories.
    Anyways I,ll be remaing your stories. Hope it's as juicy as my friend says!
    Compliments of the season!


  2. Success in your exams dear! Nice writing too! N u hv more readers than u can imagine bt most r too lazy to comment e.g me (until nw) or one friend saves d new episode on her lappy n passes to other friends to read… Nywy ur fame is spreadn wide.
    Good work!


  3. Halo. Thanks a lot for ur concern. i appreciate a lot. I would love the option of you posting a synopsis like the first few paragraphs and then putting the link below on every post.

    Compliments of the season!


  4. Hiya Tomi.. First time I'm commenting .. My bad.. I just want to say well done.. This episode 18 has been my best so far.. And I'm really anticipating 19.. Hope your exams are going / went well.. Congratulations on your success in Jesus name. 🙂


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